About the Cafe

Several years ago, when toddlers and teens had Micki greatly outnumbered at home, chaos reigned.  She decided to embrace it and invite her distant family and friends right on in to the mix with a blog called Happy Chaos.  Some time later, when it finally dawned on her that not everyone she wanted to connect with would want to hear every single detail of family life, the barista brewed up the fresh cuppa chaos blog for smaller shots of conversation, preferably over a morning coffee.  The rules she set for herself were simply that she wasn’t allowed to meditate too long over a post or to fuss and edit too much– if it couldn’t be written in one sitting (one cuppa), it shouldn’t be published.  The point was to connect, not to be clever.

The barista recently moved from coastal Massachusetts to cosmopolitan London.  And the virtual cafe moved even more recently from an Apple-hosted site to WordPress.  Even as the kids grow older, Micki finds ways to keep chaos relevant.  So picture this new virtual cafe:  sun streaming through big, plate-glass windows onto old-fashioned mosaic tile floors.  Scrubbed wooden tables glowing in the light.  A couple of zinc-topped bars along the side walls, a window seat in one of the big front windows, and a big, antique display case for the pastries.  Don’t forget the old coffee roaster behind the barista’s counter.

We will be at the big, round table in the other front window.  There are plenty of chairs– please join us!

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