An “uncle”– with advice and a warning

IMG_0640Alright, Uncle. Uncle!!  I’m falling asleep here five or more time zones ahead of you.  I hereby rename this blog series “Five Months in Six Days.”

Thanks for understanding, friends.  So happy to be back in the freshcuppachaos cafe with you!  I’ll be here early tomorrow, and I’ll save you a seat at the big round table by the window…

In the meantime, two signs from various outings in London this fall:  advice, and a warning.  Can you guess where each was posted?


3 thoughts on “An “uncle”– with advice and a warning

  1. We will all be sitting around the table waiting for you. Just because our coffee will be cold and the pastries stale, don’t feel any pressure. Take your time. Just kidding! I’m just thrilled you’re back at the cafe. Looking forward to hearing about your December.

  2. Wakey, Wakey is a tough one since you can’t read the small print. It’s from the Palm House at Kew Gardens, which houses tropical rain forest specimens from each continent (well, the ones that have tropical rain forests, anyway…). The sign explains the coffee plant to children.

    The other sign is, indeed, from Craven Cottage and the Fulham Football Club. Well done, Friend of…!

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