A Piece of Cake

Yeah.  Moving my beautiful iWeb blog to WordPress has been a piece of cake… a twelve-layer, black forest-coconut-lemon-marmalade-spice-carrot-strawberry-key lime-chocolate-white-rainbow cake with every kind of sprinkles on top.  Complicated, ugly, and not very tasty.  Also extremely messy to cook up.

(Now, click on the title of this blog so you can see the header picture that is supposed to go with it.  I couldn’t figure out how to make the post appear on the homepage as a preview rather than a full post.  Sigh.)

Honestly, I’ve spent days on this.  It wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t care so much about the comments and the dates and the history of it all.  But I do.  Five years of my kind of blogging is five years of a family, personal, and photo journal.  I’m not pretending to be a blogger for the masses.  Hopefully some of the things that I write about transcend our own narrow experience, but really this all began as a way for me to share our daily lives with distant family and connect with far-off friends. So I am in the process of manually changing dates in the posts that automatically transferred, and adding the ones that didn’t.  I will also have to move all the comments to their appropriate blog posts (I hope it’s possible!)– and THEN, add in the photos and any other media bits I want to capture.

I’m so bucking at this move not just because it is a lot of work, but because I loved the creative process of putting my own blogs together from scratch.  I spent more time than I’ve ever admitted to anyone finding the photos– trying out different ones, and laying out the pages.  Some posts came out better than others– some took more time than others.  But on this site, as far as I can tell, I’ll never be able to produce anything I feel such creative pride in.  That’s not intended as a criticism of WordPress (and maybe I’ll even be proven wrong!), but rather, as an indictment of Apple for abandoning us AND destroying years of work.  Shame on them.

BUT… if I get paralyzed over it, then shame on me.  I’ve just amassed a bit of momentum lately, so I’ll try to keep it going through this transition.  I won’t wait to publish anything until I have all the old entries fixed up by date and some of the photos restored– but I may go quiet again while I learn and fiddle and restore.  How long can you wait for your cake??  I’ll serve it up with a fresh cuppa just as soon as I can!  In the meantime, please feel free to linger at the old sites before they close down forever.


We shared some good times there, didn’t we?

8 thoughts on “A Piece of Cake

  1. The cake looks delicious and my afternoon coffee of choice (Starbucks Casi Cielo) makes for a perfect “pairing” (that’s real Starbucks’ barista language there) with your blog. Take your time. You’ll find your way around the new cafe shortly. In the mean time, I’ll be sitting near the door waiting to see what shows up next on the menu.

    One feature at the new cafe that I really like is the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” option. That just might make your regular crowd even more chatty.

  2. Is this new cafe discriminating against Southerners? I left a comment, but it seems lost in cyber-space. Do you have to approve comments, Micki?

  3. My dear Southern coffee-girl, please don’t feel discriminated against! Apparently I do have to approve comments, unless I can figure out how to change a setting somewhere. I will try, try, try to stay on top of that! Thanks for making the trip over here… I know you can identify with the pain of moving a blog. Miss you, and hope all is well there!

  4. I will happily wait for the fresh cake! Experience tells me that the baker is excellent at this new cafe or wherever she chooses to bake/publish. I am sad to report however, that I am merely enjoying a bottle of water at the moment.

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