Poetry and Artistry

I know this is the ‘fresh cuppa’ blog, but I’m not drinking coffee. It’s 10pm on a Friday night, and I’ve decided I need to speak with you. I’d suggest a glass of wine, but then I would probably doze off mid-sentence… it’s been known to happen to me while typing, you know (I’m sure I told you about the time I worked the devil going on spring break into an essay on Milton’s Paradise Lost? Sleep-typing. Fortunately, Gigi and I caught it on the second proof reading!).

I’ve gone quiet again this week because it’s been February break for the kids– oh, and we’ve had house guests since the last time I wrote you. Our friends Catherine and Madeline Piela were here from Marblehead for a couple of days last week, and Chloe’s friend, Connor Cataldo, has been here visiting for her break. So it’s been a busy time… (watch for updates coming soon on the ‘London Guest Book’ album if you are on Facebook).

BUT– I tried to blog. I worked so hard on a beautiful catch-up blog on Brave New Chaos– Budapest at Thanksgiving. I can’t remember what I said, but it was– I assure you– Pure Poetry. And the pictures and layout? Artistry. Then my computer grew tired of me leaving 42 windows open at all times (just kind of the way my mind works), and it unceremoniously ceased to function (also the way my mind works). So pffft, no more Poetry and Artistry. Can’t believe there’s no autosave on my website design program (also the way my mind works). You know, I’m feeling encouraged, despite the loss of the nearly finished big blog with its –lemmee hear it– POETRY and ARTISTRY! I had no idea my mind worked so like a computer.

Tomorrow I will try to recreate the Budapest entry on the other blog, but tonight I just thought I’d share a few snaps from our week “off”– though it’s pretty clear who got the vacation around here. Highlights?

• I finally saw the Rosetta Stone, plus a whole lot of other really old stuff (like mummies) at the British Museum.
• We had Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery and a stop at the Princess Diana Memorial playground, which is Peter Pan themed and really amazing for kids.
• The littles and I went to see The Muppets in the movie theater– really entertaining, but probably more for a vintage Muppets fan of the 80s (like me) than for them. The 80s robot with his ear-splitting modem was a little outside their frame of reference, for example. But I loved being reminded of the old show, its characters, and watching with my parents and little sister!
• Today we took a train to Salisbury to see a 13th-century cathedral (tallest medieval spire in the UK) and from there to make the short bus trip out to Stonehenge. Pretty amazing, (I haven’t uploaded the photos from our good camera yet, but here’s one from my iPhone).

I didn’t realize until we dashed to catch an earlier train back to London today, how much I needed to get out of the city. I was so disappointed to cut short our time out. So I’m resolved to get a trip on the calendar, and to plan another day trip (or maybe an overnight) in the next month. There’s so much to do here, I never feel bored or compelled to leave the city. Until now it has still felt as if we are on a trip. But I guess if I’m feeling a need for a getaway, I could look at the silver lining that it’s a good sign London is feeling like home… maybe?

I’m beginning to nod off now, and I’m concerned that my sneaky little subconscious will try to spice up my writing with something surreal. So before some crazy dream sequence leads me to recount the aliens we saw hovering over Stonehenge, or the pixies in the tree at Kensington Park (oh wait, that was real– tell you about it another time!), or the mummies having lunch in the courtyard at the British Museum, I think I’d better pack it in.

You all have a lovely weekend, OK? Miss you, and love to all.

8 thoughts on “Poetry and Artistry

  1. Looks like you’ve had a terrific (though maybe not relaxing) break!  Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us.I’m thinking maybe you should go with sleep typing.  You might end up with your own version of Alice in Wonderland.

  2. OK.  I’ve finished the Budapest blog, and now I can’t seem to publish it.  In investigating this problem, I’ve received the distressing news that I will no longer be able to use my web publishing program and all my old blogs will disappear unless I figure out how to migrate them to some other site.  I am SOOOO disappointed and angry with Apple!

  3. Ok, I got the Budapest post to work, but still have to migrate by June (so I better start now!).  I’ll start looking into blogspot and wordpress.  Any comments about them from my blogger friends?  Thanks for the sympathy!!

  4. Thank you again for sharing.  I get a peak into life as a Heskett in London (and neighboring cities/countries!).  Good luck with the blog migration – that sounds like you should tune into NatGeo for tips.  If I knew anything about blogging, I would definitely pitch in with some advice, but sadly, I am woefully ignorant. Love to all the Hesketts!

  5. Lol, Heidi!  Maybe I could film a documentary on the migration and try to sell it to NatGeo!  I’m sure there will be all kinds of savage cries, hardship, and– well, probably not starvation…  Anyway, it’s a thought.  Love you, sis!

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