apology to Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,

I’m sorry for hating you this morning. You were brand new and innocent~ none of it was your fault. It’s just that you came so early, and you brought no light and you were really cold! You can’t seriously expect anyone to jump out of bed and embrace you happily under those circumstances, can you? I mean, I know you were young, but were you really that naive? Any sane person would hit the snooze button and dig deeper under the comforter. And once that sane person is all focused on how comfortable she is, any unpleasant thing the day holds starts to bubble into consciousness like really bitter coffee making its first circuits of the percolator. There were things I definitely didn’t want to do today, so maybe it’s natural that I resented your coming so early and mercilessly. I guess I never gave you a chance. You probably didn’t choose to be a Tuesday in January~ I mean, what choice did you have? Tuesdays don’t get much respect in the first place, and not every Tuesday can come in June. So again, not your fault.

True, we had to stand in the cold waiting for our bus an extra long time, and then Claire was probably a little late to her classrooom. The Senior parent meeting I went to alone was isolating and lonely, as I’d feared it would be (obviously parents get Senioritis, too, and perhaps that’s why they aren’t interested in new faces among their numbers). But then, dear Tuesday, you did give me a lovely interlude with Chloe– having coffee together at Gail’s during her free block after the meeting. Ooh, and then, as we walked in the cold, you gave us some almost-snow– not quite real, fluffy flakes, but definitely not rain or sleet. So thank you for that. Even the protracted pickup– an hour-and-a-half at the school with Quinn, waiting for Claire to get out of fencing– was smoother and less stressful than any other yet. All-in-all, I guess you turned out okay.

So, Tuesday, January 31, 2012… it’s hard to make it up to you in just the few short hours we have left, but I’ll see you out with more serenity and gratitude than I met you with this morning. And when your younger sister arrives next week, I’ll try to greet her more happily– even though she will be a Tuesday in February, which is even less inviting than one in January. Meanwhile, you go in peace and join all your multitude of predecessors, Tuesdays good and bad, from time immemorial.

Best respects,


2 thoughts on “apology to Tuesday

  1. Hey – It’s Winston!  Is he smiling?  I’m not apologizing to any day of the week… however, if life was demanding more of me at this particular time, I would be one big apology!

  2. “You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.”Winnie the Pooh

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