Neighborhood claims to fame

I’m supposed to be playing tennis, but instead I’m having a second made-at-home Americano and spending a little time with you. My first-ever London tennis date got canceled at the last moment– (unfortunately after I had traipsed across the city in my workout clothes and trainers, my very least favorite thing to wear out and about!) It’s a shame it fell through, because if I tell the truth I will have to admit that I was so nervous about playing for the first time in nearly a year, with a new acquaintance at her tennis club near my house (club called The Globe, oddly enough)– that I actually lost sleep over it last night. It would have been good to confront my fears! Still, it’s nice to be here having a Fresh Cuppa, even though you all are bleary and nonresponsive as I write this at 4am your time (or earlier if you’re in the West).

I saw Helena Bonham Carter again this morning! That’s the third time in about a month. The last two times I’ve been powering through England’s Lane and I’ve come up behind her. Once she was walking with her little girl in the afternoon (very cute), and this time she was crossing the street coming out of Starbucks. I had vowed to myself that next time I saw her I would say hello (in a normal, non-starstruck way), but it’s a little hard to do that casually when you come up fast from behind– kinda like pulling up in the passing lane on a busy street, rolling down your window, and trying to say hello. Nothing very low key about that, right? So I contented myself this morning with noting how very much she really looks exactly like herself (lol!) and observing that she was wearing trainers (tennis shoes), too. And I had been feeling so self-conscious about mine… Anyway, I do admire her enormously, and it always makes my day to run into her.

BUT, seeing famous people is not really the main attraction in our neighborhood. The really big deal is that our bus goes by Elsworthy Rise. Say that in your head with an English accent: Elzz-wahthy Rize, which is what we hear on the bus announcement every morning as we near that stop. Quinn told me not long ago that this is his favorite stop. When I asked him why, he told me that it’s the first place Santa Claus goes every Christmas Eve. Why? To pick up the elves, of course!

That kid just kills me sometimes…

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I raise my mug and salute you! Cheers.

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