I really can’t use the title I’d planned…

The "No Steaming Dog Poo" tile. Every town should have one!

I was going to title this blog “Making Casserole out of Souffle,” for reasons I will explain momentarily. But then I saw those words written under the photo I’ve selected, and, well– I just couldn’t leave it that way! I did have a little belly laugh over it, though– kinda like something on Cake Wrecks, only grosser (surely you know of this fun site??)… always good for a grin or groan.

The abandoned title refers to last Sunday’s dinner plans. For once, I had everything under control and an actual plan in place for dinner– a light and fluffy Souffle a fromage— the comfort staple of our family menu. We went about our Sunday business, part errands and part relaxation, capped off with a trip to the local playground for the kids and a stop for soda and other libations at a pub near the park (a different one from the last I described– no pirates). I was midway through a gigantic, pale beer when I realized I could not cook a souffle because I do not own a British mixer. Doubtless my dismay was dimmed by the rosy glow of beer in the afternoon, but nonetheless, it was after four and I needed a plan. Casting about for solutions, Clay suggested I change to the egg casserole made famous by Easter Sunday sunrise church services in Ohio. No mixer needed– just stale bread (which we always seem to have) and a stop at the store on the way home for a little sausage. Crisis solved.

I’m sorry to admit that I would normally turn my nose up a bit at the thought of stale bread substituting for a French recipe. But you know, that casserole was GOOD! The family really liked it, and it worked just fine in place of my “plan.” I just had to be flexible enough to go with what would work in a given situation. And actually, that kind of sums up our life right now. As long as we don’t get too mired in making sure everything runs perfectly, and as long as we’re willing to adjust on the fly– we do okay. If we freak out because the bus doesn’t come on time, or we can’t find scotch tape with an actual plastic dispenser, well, life suddenly looks harder. I’m finding it’s better to bask in the triumphs (I managed to find and order cupcakes to take in to Quinn’s class for his birthday!)– than to wallow in the trials (we have moths, and our new tabletop arrived with a big scratch!) We will get those problems ironed out in time, but in the meantime, we’ll just keep making casseroles out of souffles.

Lest I sound too passive, let me assure you that as soon as I finish my coffee here with you, I’m going on Amazon.co.uk and ordering a hand mixer and a vacuum cleaner (because the one we bought the first weekend here just doesn’t suck– which really sucks! … sorry, couldn’t resist). We are their best customer these days. I bet they even sell scotch tape… or maybe just Scotch would do!

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