Pirates and Ninjas

London exceeds expectations. We knew there would be a Queen and all her court. We knew there would be palaces and even a castle… and towers and museums and dungeons and double-decker buses and the tube! But who could guess we would see Ninjas and Pirates?

It was on one of those double-deckers that Quinn first noticed. He stayed quiet, but I saw him watching the woman in the full black burqa. As we were getting off the bus he said to me, trying to whisper but far too excited to succeed, “Mom! I saw a ninja!” I used the moment we spent stepping down from the bus to reign in my laughter and compose myself. Mental note to self: explain Islamic dress to the children.

Just a few days later, we all sat in the local pub for Sunday lunch. It’s a nice pub on England’s Lane, nothing like a ‘normal’ restaurant with matching tables arranged in a way that maximizes space. This is more like a social club, with different types and sizes of tables, chairs, couches, benches, all arranged in little areas for conversing, dining, drinking, and board games. It’s a neighborhood gathering spot, and while we’re new to it, I can’t help hoping that someday the guy at the bar will recognize our family and call us regulars– like most of the other people there on that day probably were. Anyway, Quinn suddenly gets a surprised look on his face, followed by a smile, and he says (again, sort of quietly), “Cool! That guy is a pirate!” At the bar? An elderly gentleman wearing an eye patch. And again, subtle hushing of the children until we are somewhere more appropriate to discuss it…

Yes, I know. I need to teach him not to speak up quite so bluntly. But really, you have to love the wonder he exhibits, and his willingness to embrace the wide world. He was amazed and appreciative because his little world of imagination and Legos and video games is peopled by pirates and ninjas, and why shouldn’t he see such things in our wide world of London? He would not be that surprised, I suppose, to see Darth Vader walking down the High Street. He’s 5, and it’s charming, and it won’t last forever. So when he told me that he really wants to visit Brooklyn, because that’s where Mario lives, I simply told him that maybe we could do that someday…

Finishing a homemade Americano (don’t forget this blog is supposed to be a coffee break!), and heading out shortly to meet Chloe for an early lunch. Who knows what we may see today in this land of pirates and ninjas?

6 thoughts on “Pirates and Ninjas

  1. Absolutely love it… to this point I’ve only perceived this move as a huge weight on your shoulders… it’s great to see the family out and about together and “hear” the Little’s reaction to your new home.I’ve downed two home-brewed coffee’s this morning, but am forced to take the short walk to Carol Ann’s for a triple shot iced mocha.

  2. Excelent! Thanks for sharing the link Micki and yay for London treating you well. Also I just read your lather, rinse, repeat entry, and remember well the cadence and the uniform of course.  And I seem to remember someone losing a shoe- was that you or me?  Now its a bit fuzzy.  Hope London continues to treat you well.

  3. I’m so glad to see you blogging again and to hear that London is treating you well.  What a great experience for the kids!  Keep the posts coming and I’ll keep the tea or coffee brewing.

  4. Ninjas, fairies, princesses and superman…the littles remind us all why it is so great to be little! So great to read your words and see you back here…miss you, love you and excited for you for the fun part of your adventure!

  5. Hey all!  So nice to hear from you!  Thanks for commenting– it means so much to me to be connected!  Maria, you make me laugh– it’s beyond fuzzy to me, but I’m probably the one who lost a shoe!  The list of embarrassing moments that occurred during marching band is so long I think I have trauma-induced amnesia, lol.  Amber, so nice to hear from you– I love keeping up with your family on FB, and it was so nice to see you guys in August (despite the fact that we ended up standing around waiting for pizza in a tornado warning…).  Laura, Natalie, Mom– I’ll be in better touch soon!  Love to all of you!

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