Lather, rinse, repeat

I can remember reading and rereading the shampoo bottle– Prell, I think it was– in the shower at my Grandma’s house whenever I stayed with them as a little girl. “Lather, rinse, repeat.” I must have taken it into my brain like a cadence, because it is still there somewhere in the depths, and it rises to the surface occasionally, asserting itself over all the other flotsam clogging up the works up there.

So this cadence came to mind Sunday while I was preparing for another real estate open house. I was once again cleaning the sinks, floors and other surfaces to a fare-thee-well, despite the fact that I had last done it less than 24 hours ago for back-to-back showings on Saturday. In the world of marketing a home for sale, “spotless yesterday” doesn’t cut it. And in a world with 6 people and a dog in the house (kids, if you’re reading this, I want you to note I did not blame you for the need to clean incessantly), nothing stays spotless for more than a few hours. We brush our teeth morning and night, thus the sink is dirty morning and night. We come in and out the front and back entrance multiple times a day, thus the floor must be cleaned multiple times a day if “spotless” is to be maintained. And so on.

Cadence. What a great word! If you’ve never been in a marching band, or maybe the military, you might not be able to appreciate how that beat can make you keep going– make it enjoyable even. Bah-da-bah-da, bah-da-bah-da, bah-dee-da-da… I do wish I had an AHS marching band reader out there who would hear that old rhythm and remember marching on Holland St. in ugly black shoes and royal blue polyester pants– to say nothing of the blue velveteen, yellow-plumed hat! Or the wool uniforms with the q-tip hats! I sigh for the sheer nostalgia of it! Do you remember how ‘cool’ the cadence could be? Especially with that sunglasses-sporting percussion section and the three big bass drums beating up and down.

But I digress. Wow~ really got carried away in memories there, didn’t I? I meant to be explaining about how a good cadence can keep you going. Tomorrow morning I will be once again rendering my house as close to Martha Stewart clean as it can ever be. We’re having another realtor open house– which means that the people coming through are all trained real estate professionals and they will look for signs of neglect in places I’ve never even considered. But I will have my snazzy new cadence playing in my head while I clean… “La-ther, Rinse, Re-peat. Bang!” (You have to add that rimshot bang or it comes out more like a waltz than a march… and while sometimes I’d prefer a slow waltz to what life is now, it’s just not on the playlist). So that’s something going for me now, I guess. Let’s just hope we can get a “Band Victory!”

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