24,000 Words (or 24 Pictures)

We’ve all heard that a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ve opted to shortcut my way out of the long, long lapse in blogging by letting our pictures do the talking.  Of course, you know me well enough to realize I won’t be able to resist adding commentary…

Claire’s dance recital was last weekend. She loved performing, and didn’t seem to have a bit of stage fright.  Singing and dancing just really light her up– in a way that playing soccer doesn’t!  At right are pictures from the tap number (You’ve Got a Friend in Me).  That’s the only dance we really got photos of because while Clay was with Claire at her dress rehearsal, I had the camera taking pictures of Chloe before Jr. Prom (or “Prompt,” as Claire called it!).  Clay did take videos of Claire’s dances, though, and some friends have shared great pictures with me~ so hopefully I can post more of those down the line– after I get them on our computer.

Over Spring break in April we spent a few days in South Beach.  After the stress we’d been through in previous weeks– all the things related to the move to London, putting the house on the market, getting Will’s final college visits made and Chloe’s first ones made, and not to mention the awful snowy winter we’ve had– it was bliss to be in the warm sunshine with nothing to do but read and relax.  Above is the view from our rooftop deck, which for some reason we often had to ourselves (except for the nice attendant who kept bringing Clay and I mojitos!).  Will retreated up there with us for a final talk and decision about college– and then sent his confirmation of enrollment to CU-Boulder from right there on the rooftop!  Apart from that, we spent a lot of time on the beach– sometimes  under the Boucher Bros. umbrellas.  We did some walking, and checked out the famous South Beach Art Deco hotels.  We had fabulous Cuban food and some not-so-fab tourist fare, and of course, we did keep on the lookout for Michael Weston (sadly, no sightings).

Following the relaxing few days in Miami, we gave ourselves a good dose of craziness with a few days packed in the car making college visits in the mid-Atlantic region.  Chloe carefully put together an agenda and we managed to visit five schools in three-and-a-half days (William & Mary, Univ. of Virginia, Georgetown, UPenn, and Princeton).  The other kids were good sports, and they got to do a walk-by of colonial Williamsburg (birthplace of Claire’s American Girls doll, Felicity), a day on the Washington Mall (Smithsonian Air & Space and National Gallery), and a lot of time just staying out of the weather in coffee shops and lunch places during Chloe’s tours in Philadelphia and Princeton.  Will (a native of DC, you may remember) was a great help to me taking the kids around the museums and monuments.  Neither of us was prepared for how overrun the city would be with the entire Northeast on school break.

Finally, it was the longish haul home on Saturday for Easter Sunday.  We managed to be home in time to color Easter eggs for the bunny to hide (okay, bedtime got extended quite a bit).  Clay came up with a very creative egg decorating method, and eventually the whole family got distracted from the eggs and huddled around the warm glow of new technology.  Heart-warming.  But then again, why not?  Whatever brings the family together, right?  And in then end we did have real eggs and a real egghunt on Easter morning!

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