Do you ever hear a song and feel like someone was spying on you when they wrote it? Maybe they were sitting in a cafe on your street, just people-watching for inspiration, and you were the one whose comings and goings inspired the song? Or some mutual acquaintance was telling a songwriter friend some story from your life at a cocktail party. Then, voila, one day you’re driving along and a song comes on the radio and it’s all about YOU!

In my case, the song came before the related circumstances in my life, so maybe it’s a case of life imitating art– though I sincerely hope we’re not orchestrating our lives around a song. But this catchy tune by OneRepublic has been a part of the dog-walking/driving-around-town soundtrack for a while now. Partial lyrics are found up near the photo at top.

It just so happens that the hotel we stayed in for our recent scouting trip to London was on Piccadilly Road (near Piccadilly Circus). And it just so happens that I decided to start snapping pictures of real estate signs in neighborhoods I liked during my exploratory walks (so I’ve got some pictures on my phone, with new names and numbers that I don’t know).

And it just so happens that the kids’ new school in London is near Abbey Road (In fact it is about two blocks from Abbey Road Studios– the famous Beatles recording studio. This I know because as I walked along the street, looking at the buildings and getting a feel for the neighborhood, I became alarmed to realize a bunch of people on the other side of the road were taking pictures of me. I looked to my right, and there was an unassuming little building with lots of love graffiti to the Beatles scribbled on the iron gates (it also said so on the building, but I didn’t get that part in the picture). Truly an accidental tourist moment.

And it just so happens that we are on the verge of starting a new chapter in our lives (for which it’s very helpful to have a little tune rolling around in your head, saying, “this could really be a good life…”). You know that optimistic feeling of anticipation– the feeling that something really good could happen today? Or maybe you just feel really happy to be alive and going about your business on a beautiful day? I’m trying to hold on to that feeling in the times when this all seems so hard– when Clay has been gone for week and I’m barely holding the house together, let alone getting it ready to go on the market. Or when I’m crying my millionth tear about leaving Guster behind. Or when it actually hits me that my son will be living on a different continent than us next year. Ugh. Let’s get back to the excited feeling, what was I saying about that???

Anyway, if you’re at all curious about our progress on the big move, I’m working on a “Brave New Chaos” blog. The link is on the upper right corner of this page. I think I’m going to need a fresh cup of coffee for that…

6 thoughts on “A GOOD Life

  1. Just keep that optimistic, adventurous spirit close at hand.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but if you can remember that it could really be a good life, you’ll get through it.Wish I could come help you!!!

  2. “When a man(or woman) is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”  Samuel Johnson

  3. Yeah…glad to see a Fresh Cup served up for our reading pleasure.  Looks like you have an adventure ahead of you.  Looking forward to joining you (virtually, of course) on your journey.

  4. Heard this song yesterday and thought…Nice, Micki’s life imitates The Good Life.  MIne?  Well, just the first verse and chorus kind of says it all.  

  5. Love it, Natalie!  My life also resembles THAT song.  (In fact, I was overjoyed to locate my missing phone this morning!)  Good message, too.  Frustration has become my constant companion this winter in MA– too much snow making everything hard, and everyone else is frustrated, too.  Need to see the big blessing instead of the little messes!  Thanks!

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