Boycotting January

This week’s initial hit knocked the breath out of me. Up and out, off to school, back to the cold weather. Ooof. I was still winded when it caught me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me along behind it. Get London paperwork to teachers, don’t forget you volunteered to be in the classroom Thursday, and make sure you call and make/change/cancel those appointments. Oh? Can’t sleep and/or won’t go to bed at night like a reasonable person? Here’s a little steel wool to stick behind your eyelids… try it. And by the way, you really should stick with wearing that one and only pair of jeans that still fits after the holiday binges.

January. All this talk about a fresh start and all these wonderful changes everyone is going to make to their lives, figures, routines. BAH HUMBUG! January is actually a nasty-spirited wench who purports to encourage you while really just making you feel inadequate and exhausted. “New Year- New You?” First she has to throw the Old You under a bus. It’s enough to make anyone cling to their bad old habits (coffee, chocolate, wasting time on the internet) with a vengeance.

No wonder all the smart animals hibernate! I’ve had enough: I’m skipping to February. Today is February -24… tomorrow is February -23… and so on. That ought to show January!

P.S.- A reprieve! Never was a mother so grateful for a midweek snowday!

One thought on “Boycotting January

  1. Based on the weather we’ve had lately, I think I’d like to join you in skipping January.  Where do I sign up?  Hope your snow day (did you get more than one out of all that snow?) was lots of fun.

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