Here We Go-Oooo!

Just a day before Chloe’s 16th birthday, and I’m finally getting around to posting these pictures from Quinn’s fabulous 5th birthday party with the Mario Brothers.  What fun!  Having never given him a proper birthday party with all his friends before, we felt like we needed to pull out all the stops for this first one.

We planned for the park (but reserved the JCC gym, just in case).  Lucky us, the weather cooperated and we got a beautiful, sunny day– if anything, it was almost too hot for our active, active party.  With Will as Luigi and Clay as Mario, the kids in their little hats and fake mustaches played around on obstacle courses all over the park– rolling giant balls down the hill trying to hit targets, scootering across the basketball courts, bouncing on giant “toadstools,” and ringing a cowbell in the clubhouse.  After they earned their last “star” (like in the video game) for completing the challenge, they had to go on simultaneous treasure hunts (Team Mario and Team Luigi) to rescue Princess Peach (Claire in full costume).

We invited Quinn’s whole preschool class, plus the neighbor guys across the street and two other friends.  Since all but two of them made it, we had 22 kids!  Will and Clay, along with Chloe and her friend Madeline, managed most of the obstacle course action.  I took some pictures, sweated out trying to get the 8 clues (4 for each team) hidden in the right sequence, and tried to play hostess to the parents.  Oh, and I got a brief stint as Mario, when Clay went to the house to fetch the cake– which was made by a very talented colleague of his.

It was such a fun day!  Quinn thinks Chloe might like to have a Mario party for her birthday, but I’m not sure we’re up for that yet.  Also, the fake mustaches tended to shed into one’s mouth…

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