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  1. I actually did know that about espresso.  I think one reason that it has more caffeine is that with drip coffee, the water sits in the filter longer, soaking up all the caffeine that the beans have to offer.  With espresso, it is pressed through quickly with no time to grab any cling-ons!  I don’t know if that is true, but it is my theory.  Believe me, I’ve spent many hours thinking about how to justify ordering a Venti, much less an extra shot.Sounds like a very productive day!  Are you remodeling in the house, or just painting?  And perhaps buying new, contemporary furniture???

  2. Hi Kelli, my coffee-friend!  We’re painting the areas we haven’t done yet (which means first sanding off wallpaper and nasty adhesives they used in the past to hold up paneling).  So that’s hallway, my bedroom, stairway, and sunroom.  It will be great to have it done– I don’t think we were ever going to get to it.  As for the furniture… I hope not!  We’re not totally on the same page there– he’s being influenced by nerdy friends who call chairs by their designer’s names.  Check out this blog one of his friends forwarded to him– at least he knows enough to laugh at himself!  Clay’s not in that league yet, but looks like that’s where we might be headed if I can’t nip this in the bud!http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/2008/03/02/79-modern-furniture/

  3. That blog is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time!  It is providing some much needed mid-week laughter!  Thanks for passing that one on.

  4. Micki, I feel your pain.  Is it morning sickness?  The flu?  No…..1978 floral wallpaper is enough to make you throw up every morning after a while.  The difference between us, is that I had the pleasure of ripping every little shred of our paper off the walls with my bare fingers (and they were by the end)!  Ahhhh.  My house looks so much more……me!!!  You know it’s good when you sit down for your morning coffee and smile because you LOVE the color you picked out.  Enjoy your new surroundings!

  5. Here’s my take on it:  If you don’t give back to yourself every once in a while, you will soon have nothing left to give to others.  We can only give away what we have!The punishment thing – it’s just plain condemnation.  Luckily for us, we have been set free from it!  But, we can choose to live in the bondage of it if we want to.  This is Satan’s MOST used tool.  I struggle with it sometimes when I’ve eaten something that I think I shouldn’t have.  I tell myself that I’m not eating another thing for the rest of the day, or I have to eat on a strict diet tomorrow, or “Come Monday, I’m doing the _____ diet.”  The problem is, that kind of thinking does nothing for my self esteem, and makes me think ONLY of eating!  So what do I do?  I eat it again!  And I never start the diet on Monday.  The cycle just goes on and on – exactly what Satan is counting on.   It is not worth it, especially when I don’t have to live that way!   Either eat it or don’t eat it, but I can’t stew over it after I’ve made my choice.  The world will not come crashing down around me, no matter how many candy bars I put in my mouth.  Wow – sorry for the rant – I guess I really needed a pep talk!

  6. You’re so right, Kelli!  And I have to battle that with food, too.  That dirty trick is a wedge– teaching us to feel we have to DESERVE good things rather than just receive them.  If we start to believe that, we become unable to receive grace.I hereby reject that spirit of self-condemnation!!!

  7. Micki and Kelli – I’m so proud of you both!  You’ve discovered what 99% of the world’s women can’t get past.  Imperfection, failure and not getting what we deserve.  That, Beloved Daughters, is the key to finding out who you truly were meant to be.  Because when you’re not spending every passing second of every day beating yourself up, guilting yourself into changing or pining over ‘what ifs’……only God knows what you can accomplish and how you can change your world around you!  Doesn’t it feel great knowing you’re on to someone’s plan to destroy you and foil his plan?  Empowerment!  I SO love to do that!

  8. I would love to come along and play!  Any outside activity will do.  Wednesday was a beautiful day in Denver, topping out at near 80.  In true spring fever style, we grilled, had dinner on the patio, and wore shorts and tank tops. Then came Thursday, with more than 5 inches of snow!!  I was so upset, I refused to wear a coat to work.  Yes, I froze all the way there, all throughout my lunch hour, and all the way home, but I did make a statement!  Surely the snow gods have heard me and we will not have even one more flurry.  Spring in the Rockies is completely unpredictable, but you can always count on the sun coming out within hours.  Today will be a beautiful day again, and, I must say, the mountains look gorgeous all snow capped and framed in the budding green trees of the valley.Micki – have you read The Shack by William P. Young yet? (Mom probably told you about it.)  If not, please run out and get it ASAP.  It is one of the most amazing things I have ever read.  Most people who have read it were unable to put it down, but for me, it is so intense and mind-blowing that I have to take in chunks.  I read a little, laugh my head off, cry my eyes out, and meditate on it for several days before pickign it up again.  You must get it!

  9. Just read from the bottom up, and I have some coffee comments.  1.  There is no bad coffee in Eastern Europe–not even at the gas station/convenience stores between Budapest and Vienna (and Vienna and Prague–and Prague and Krakow–and Krakow and Warsaw).  They served it in real cups–every time!  2.  Did you get the card for a free cup of the new blend (Pike something) from Starbuck’s?  Every Wednesday until the end of May.  Mine came in the newspaper.  3.  Can any of you remember the first time you drank coffee?  Not just a sip, but your first cup?  I can.  Anyone want to hear the story?4.  A bit off the subject, but…  Is there anyone else who would like to see the font on these blogs get a bit larger?  Or do I need an eye doc appointment ?

  10. Sandy,Glad to hear that you are back!  I hope you had a wonderful time.  I am looking forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pictures from your trip.I would love to hear your “first coffee” story.  I don’t know when I had my first cup, but I know that I evolved from just one cup of Folgers with French Vanilla Creamer (half coffee, half creamer) about 8 years ago to 1 cup of Peruvian Organic with just a splash of non-dairy creamer before I even turn on the TV in the morning, followed by a Venti 5-7 shot Americano with the teeniest bit of cream on the way to work each day.  I despise the vanilla creamer these days, and want nothing sweet in my coffee!Micki – I agree with Sandy about the font, but I think it also has to do with the black background (which I love), too.  The small font on it makes my eyes play tricks on me and is sometimes hard to read.

  11. Request noted, ladies, I’ll gladly work on a new or larger font, anything to keep you in the cafe!Welcome back, Sandy!  I was wondering when you were due in.  Was it fabulous?  Can’t wait to hear more.  How was the group you were with?  Definitely want to hear the first coffee story, too.  Kelli, funny thing about your vanilla creamer comment is that the other day I toyed with a blog about the Five Circles of Coffee Hell (a la Dante’s Inferno).  Coffee with sweetened creamers was one of them.  Maybe I’ll write that next week.  And per your first comment, I will look at The Shack.  But don’t tell Sandy, because I’m way behind on my reading list from her!

  12. I don’t know if it’s just a “Laub” thing or what, but I am decidely list-tormented as well.  Whether it be the “things I really need to clean” list, the “I would love to make this home improvement” list or the “I better get this done at work or else” list, I never seem to get anywhere.  The said lists are ever growing and inumberable.  And perhaps this is another “Laub” neurosis, but I harbor continual guilt over not accomplishing the items on these lists.  What is it with the guilt???  At any rate, I am a firm believer in time gremlins.  They follow me wherever I go sucking up any extra minute that happens my way.  Does anyone know a good exterminator?I suppose I’ll just have to dream of wonderful coffee.  For tomorrow, I will be stuck with office-brewed Maxwell House.  I really need to get to the store for something adventurous to brew at home.  Any suggestions that I might be able to find at the neighborhood Kroger.  With gas at $4/gallon, I can’t afford to drive across town to Trader Joe’s for the gourmet stuff!Sweet dreams!

  13. To the Sisters Laub:Dr. Phil lives here in the Dallas area, and I think I can set up an appointment for you two.  He will have you throwing your guilt to the curb or at least giving the lists a boot.Let me know, and I’ll meet you with grandes of your choice.

  14. Hmmm. Thanks for the offer, Sandy.  I do like Dr. Phil for insisting people take responsibility for their lives, unlike that other TV psych guy– the bald one (who incidently grew up in M’head and hates it because he was bullied!)– who blames everything on the parents.  Anyway, tempting offer, but I think I’ll stick to my midwestern roots and insist on wrestling my problems without help (but I will complain about them to anyone who will listen).  Besides, I love my neuroses– we go waay back!  But I will take you up on the grande!All that is tongue-in-cheek, of course.  Please don’t submit my comments to an advice columnist, dear friends!  (I think I have a Dear-Abby-phobia… what do you think?) Time gremlins!  Good gosh, you’re onto something there Heidi! That’s a concept worthy of a Stephen King story.  Maybe they are related to Snatcher, the monster who lives under my stove and steals anything of value that falls to the floor (and replaces it with crumbs and dust bunnies).  As for the lists, you are missing the forgetfulness gene, I guess.  If you can’t remember what’s on the list, it really can’t torment you for long.  (Except for that nagging feeling you should be doing something else, but you just learn to ignore that.)  Key self-help step for list-mania:  don’t write them down.  That turns them into things waiting to be checked off!  Of course, then you have to live in a state of confusion, but, hey, tradeoffs…Look for Peet’s Coffee in the grocery if you want to try something new.  Brown bags with white box on front.

  15. Oooh.  Another list trick.  If you do write it down, just lose it in a purse or something.  Then you can have the satisfaction of, when you find it three months later, noting that everything on it is either done now or completely irrelevant.  If that’s not the case, just lose the list again.

  16. Ok – I have a compeletely different take on this list business. I am a list person, too, but the whole reason I love them is because I get such a feeling of accomplishment by marking even one thing off!  In fact, I go to the extreme just to be able to mark things off.  I write things down like, “brush teeth, go to bathroom, turn off lights…” things that I would do anyway, but I feel like I’ve done more with my day because I get to put a little check mark beside it!  Oh man, this is terrible.  What does this mean?  I’m not sure, but I’ve never had to face it my “list issues” before until this conversation!

  17. OK, I’ll confess, Kelli… I’ve also done that.  I’ve even written things on my list AFTER I’ve done them– just so I get “credit.”  That might be why I stopped writing them down.

  18. Thank you all!  I loved every single comment.  I laughed so hard at Kelli’s list “issues” because I am a victim as well!  Too funny!!!  Is it a bad sign to sit in front of a computer by yourself laughing hysterically?  I sure hope not because this is good, clean fun.

  19. To get metaphorical, coffee is an art, and there are many diverse and equally expressive forms of art!BTW, The Office season premiere is on tonight! I know no one would wanna miss that!!!

  20. My sister, very nice point.  I have to admit I was feeling rather mundane and pedestrian when admitting my coffee blend.  However, I embrace your lofty notions of java equality and fraternity (or is it sorority – oops, didn’t mean to bring that word up!).  Thank you!And Chloe, I am most impressed by your poetry.  You very obviously have a bit of your mother in you.  Love to both.

  21. Isn’t it amazing that the love of such a small thing is shared by all walks of life all over the world!  Some of my best cups of coffee have been in diners, while some of the worst have been at fancy coffee shops!  It does bring people together, though!  Micki, I love your diner story. Next weekend Po is coming to town, and I’m taking her to a little cafe/ urban market called Flower Wraps (see pics here: http://www.flowerwraps.com ) .  The best part about this place – they serve java in little terra cotta pot coffee mugs!  In this place, it is all about the atmosphere, but the coffee is equally good.  I would love to host a Cuppa Chaos get together there sometime if any of you ever make it to Denver!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and since I’m off to the baseball game tonight, let me say, “GO ROCKIES!!”  (Don’t worry Boston fans, we’re having a terrible year, and there is no chance for a re-match.)

  22. I’m off to Manhattan, KS, today, and plan to make several coffee stops all along I-35.  I’ll report back soon.  And if I get a vote for a potential Cuppa Chaos gathering, I say Donna’s in Archbold!!  No coffee better than from a Bunn!

  23. Kelli, Flowerwraps looks really neat.  I’ll go with you– as soon as I can get to Denver.  As for baseball, remember it’s only May!Sandy, I think you would have liked Donna’s Place.  Unfortunately, it has to be “would have.”  I hate to say it, but the livestock auction closed or changed hands, and they tore down the farmhouse that housed the offices and Donna’s.  Donna (an old family friend) went off to live in Arizona, and there’s a strip mall type Subway there now.  I won’t go so far as to say they “paved paradise and put up a parking lot”, but it is too bad.  No more Oreo Pudding (crumbled Oreos mixed with chocolate pudding and Cool Whip) on the auction night buffet!  It was a staple… On the other hand, Subway is nice for quick picnics at the kiddie park across the street.

  24. Hi Sandy…I may try to call on you as I will have business later in the summer in Colorado, starting in Denver, and so I would love to try the place.Coffee love for me started in college. It was my freshman year, and Micki – this is for you.  I think it was October 15, and our first poli sci exam with Dr. Pearigen. (sp?)  I was so nervous, that I showed up at 7:00 in the cafeteria before our 8:00 a.m. exam, and followed some upperclassmates through the line.  Every one of them poured a cup of coffee.  I poured one, too.  It was my first official cup away from a family dinner…an official wake-up call.  I got an A on the exam.  Superstition turned to love, and an affinity for a rich cup to savor.  It translated to England and tea, then Paris and a latte like no other…to Japan, where the cost ($6 for a simple cup) helped me to know this is a journey.  I cannot recommend Brazilian coffee there…it was a harsh reality when I had high expectations.  I am not always like this; you all have helped me to laugh at knowing what I have done.  On Sunday, I re-heated my leftover pot – which somehow stays waiting all day, letting me know it’s still quite good.  Especially with week-old brownies warmed in the microwave.

  25. Susan, I think I should have had a cup of coffee before some of those exams– especially calculus freshman year!  I think I leaned toward Diet Vanilla Coke from the Union… how much sugar in that, d’ya think???  It’s nice to remember Dr. Pearigen.  He was my advisor, and I adored him.  I always thought he looked like Abraham Lincoln, and nothing beats learning constitutional law from Lincoln– unless you have a Jefferson look-alike handy (and since powdered wigs were out of style in the 80s…)  Anyway, you may remember he left Hillsdale to go be Academic Dean at Sewanee.  Well, many years later Clay’s best friend, Eric, got his first university administrator job at Sewanee, working under, guess who?  How’s that for small world?  Apologies to everyone else for telling stories about people you don’t know.  I haven’t reminisced about those days for years!  But now back to my present world, where I must round up small children and herd them out the door to preschool.  Have a nice day, anyone out there!

  26. I’m not sure how, but I made it through college without coffee.  What was I thinking!   I do remember though…  my first year of teaching–Stockard Junior High in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.  In those days the home ec teacher invited faculty over after the football game, and so it was…  One of the English teachers brought her daughter, an 8th grader and one of my students, to the after the game ritual.  When the coffee was ready, our host looked at me and the 8th grader, and asked if we’d like a coke.  Slightly insulted, I said I’d have coffee.  She served it black, and I gagged it down, but what choice did I have?  Coke, like an 8th grader, or coffee like…   I’ve been drinking the stuff since that night in 1974, and find it to be one of the finer things of life.  I will admit I like mine doctored a bit.  Just more than a splash of flull blown half and half is my ideal cup.

  27. I bought a pound of Kopelani yesterday.  Half ground for my regular coffee pot and half for the French press.   I guess the beans were really fresh.  When I come home…  the coffee smell!   Ahhh!!I put the regular stuff in my usual cannister, but I haven’t done anything with the French press grind.  (That must be the smelll that calls me.)  Where do you keep yours?  Should I buy another cannister?  Does a serious coffee drinker maintain more than one?  Am I behind?And…  do you keep your tea in anything special?  The original box in the cabinent…  will that do?I need help.  Hurry!

  28. Hi Sandy!  Ah, I miss my french press… I had a little accident with the glass carafe a while back.  But you inspire me to go online and order a replacement carafe.  Anyway, I don’t know whether serious coffee drinkers have multiple canisters; but I say if you have room for them, then go for it!  I have one canister for the everyday stuff and then my ‘coffee cabinet’ holds a stash of odd bags– decaf, sample bags, even a bag of New Mexico Pinon I found at Trader Joes last week.  I could never have enough canisters!  And since my countertop is generally cluttered with such items as loose beads from Claire’s broken necklace, hair barrettes, wine corks, and confiscated food items from Quinn’s pantry raids– well, where would I put such a practical item as a kitchen canister?  As for my tea, most of what I have already came in small airtight canisters– like a Harrod’s tin from Clay’s last time in London, or a gift assortment (with only the undesirable teas left) in a shiny silver tin on the top shelf of the coffee cabinet.  I think you could say my teas have been neglected under my current coffee regime… but sometimes a rainy day comes along, and then my old friend Earl Grey stops by for a visit.

  29. My coffee assortments live in Tupperware in the cabinet underneath the coffee pot (gasp).  Counter canisters would not do as mine is cluttered with choices of coffee preparation – drip coffee pot, espresso machine, Bialetti. I do have a “tea basket,” but it rarely sees the light of day.  Sometimes I pull it out thinking I want a cup, but after I rummage through it, I almost always put it away and go straight back to the coffee counter.  It all seems a bit silly, but I am grateful that my daily delimma is choice of coffee preparation rather than zoning laws, sex offenders, earthquakes, or death tolls.  We have much to be thankful for!  Hope you are all having a great week.

  30. Oh, I forgot!  My choice today was organic Peruvian, drip-style, which I picked up at the local Sunflower Farmer’s Market.  Delicious!  Do you ever drink organic?  There is really quite a difference in the taste.

  31. I’ve never tried organic, but I will.  I think I’ve discovered I have a preference for Latin American coffees though.  Would that make sense, or is there no common taste based on geography?  Reading Kelli’s comment made me realize what a downer this blog was.  I started out trying to comment on how petty community life can be, but I brought in too many serious issues to call it petty. Apologies again.  And you’re right Kelli, we do have much to be thankful for.

  32. I love Micki-nomics!  I single-handedly keep an entire Starbucks store open in my neighborhood!  Now every time I feel guilty, I can just say, “No problem!  I’m just stimulating the economy!  Doing my part!”  Luckily, the government has seen to it that I have a fat $600 to invest in my local Starbucks.  What are your thoughts on the new – or I guess they are really the old – brown logo cups?  I love them.  I think it is a neat change, and brown is one of my favorite colors.

  33. I haven’t received my $600 yet.  (Are Democrats allowed to stimulate the economy?) In the meantime, I may have to choose between a grande caramel frappaccino or a gallon of gas!  Yikes!ExxonMobilenomics??!!

  34. Yes Sandy, even Democrats are allowed to stimulate the economy.  Although I don’t know if buying gas is stimulating anything other than already fat checkbooks (of petroleum execs).  We’re leaving for vacation this evening, so I plan to find the nearest Starbucks to our little condo and keep them in business for the next week.  It will be such a blessed change from my office sludge!  Hooray for me!  Good luck with your plantings Mick.  I haven’t made it that far yet and am using the vacation excuse for my justification.  My front yard is thoroughly naked.You all enjoy your cuppa chaos and I’ll speak with you in a week.

  35. Sandy, maybe we should try powering our vehicles on frappacinos… they always get me going, and they’ll soon be cheaper by the gallon than gasoline.  Also, Dems are particularly encouraged to stimulate the economy, although even a dramatic turnaround at this point is unlikely to help Republicans come Nov.Undecided on the brown cups, Kelli.  I mean, I like them, but does this mean the green is gone forever?  They had a clearance shelf full of those ceramic cups that look just like the paper ones– they were gone within a day or two and I never got one.  They sold like hotcakes, or like webkins or something.Finally, have a great vacay, sister Heidi!  Enjoy the down time (make sure you get some!).  And enjoy the coffee.  Take lots of pictures of my little nephew, K?

  36. Hi Micki-I hear that the green cups are coming back in the fall.  The baristas say that the brown cups are just a summer promo.

  37. Hi ladies,I haven’t made it to my local Starbucks or Peets in a while due to logistics (there can be a blessing that one is not on my usual path) but I have been brewing it at home.  AND I think I am saving those dollars…though I have been spending a bit lately on other things.  For a while, I tried out the magic brew machine in our office, but I couldn’t take it — and now, I’m back to that mid-day.  (It’s free!)  So, jumping back a blog, I smiled at the nuances of local government and the pickle people can get in.  I have often wondered if all towns are this way, or if it is intensified by geography; are people in the South less likely to argue, and are people in the Midwest more likely to compromise?  Or, are people in the West more inclined to not worry – and are people in the East more involved?  I think they’re probably all the same.  But when I browse my tv channels late at night and come across the local town meeting – I think it’s really intense here.  Maybe because I’m peering in from the outside and I’m not there.  I don’t know.Anyway, I had another mid-day coffee today at home…from the pot, warmed up in the microwave.  It’s good that way. 🙂

  38. Hi ladies,My cup today was my daily brew this morning.  Only two mugs!  None at work – how did I make it through the day?  Which brings me to summer…In addition to the other things, it’s the little things… a day of coffee ends at the morning now, and water and lemonade enter in…red wine turns to white…and I somehow become the salad queen again.  I did think summer would solve my wardrobe dilemmas (how I can pull five things out of the closet and still not make up my mind is beyond me) but that’s not the case; I’m still worried about it – every day.  As a test, I’m reverting to age six to see if I can lay out my clothes the night before. Micki, I hope you do enter some of your pieces – I’m sure they’d be well-received!  There has to be another festival coming up. You have to do this.You must report back to us…It does seem like summer is officially here in Massachusetts. I started to think that as I slowly unpacked my spring and summer clothes but then the daily dilemma began.

  39. Then how should I begin  To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?         And how should I presume? Here’s how:1.  Buy a new travel coffee mug.2.  Turn over the lawn mowing to Will.3.  Book the safari.  Or at least join Clay at a Red Sox game!4.  Take a few pics of your pencil drawings for placement here.  (The Cuppa Chaos crowd will appreciate and admire your work.)

  40. I love the change in seasons!  I have noticed a definite change in my way of life over the last few weeks.  I seem to wake up a little easier in the mornings as the light is already streaming through the windows.  This is odd because I go to bed later since it does not get dark until about 9:00pm.  Less sleep, but more energy – I’m not really sure how that works!Also, I have these sudden cravings for ice cream (namely DQ Choco-Cherry Love Blizzard!), my Starbucks cravings fluxuate between hot Americanos and Frappacinos, and we grill almost every dinner when we are at home.  I spend much more time outdoors going to farmer’s markets, barbeques, and street fairs.  I have two camping trips planned for the summer so far, and last weekend I bought a new bike!  It is a little beach cruiser with a wicker basket on the front.  I’m very excited about it and have taken a ride almost every day since I bought it so far!  I’m also very grateful to the tv networks for putting extra-trashy shows on tv during the summer, so there are no temptations to keep me indoors.  The usual office drip this morning – pre-ground, pre-packaged Starbucks Sumatra.

  41. Micki – I forgot to say – PLEASE enter your drawings!!  You are so talented!  If nothing else, I like T.S.’s idea of at least posting them here so that we can admire them.

  42. Dear Mr. Eliot,I’m so pleased that you found my blog!  I think The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is brilliant.  As I’ve reread it over the last 20 years, my response has changed– particularly toward these lines:  “I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker/ And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker/ And in short, I was afraid.”  I admit that when I was young I felt contempt for J. Alfred. But now I am much more understanding of him– so conservative and proper, so afraid to make a move or stand out– watching himself grow old without having once disturbed the universe.  He is modern tragedy defined: not a fall from greatness, but a failure to reach for it.I appreciate your advice– I will certainly follow your suggestions for numbers 2 and 4.  As for the coffee mug, I’m really happy to take my ordinary mug now that I know it’s possible (I detest travel mugs not only for the coffee they deposit on your nose, but also because they must be washed by hand).  And number 3?  That is a kernel of an idea, and I will think about where I want to take it.  Unlike Mr. Prufrock, I feel the world opening out before me rather than closing in.  Rather like someone I know who just finished a ‘safari’ to Eastern Europe.Ah, now I see the “wannabe” after the name.  I thought your advice was far too reasonable to be coming from Mr. Eliot himself!

  43. Kelli, I’m excited about your bike, too.  That sounds so fun!  I can see you with a baguette and some flowers in your basket, cycling home from the market.  Also, your positive attitude is an inspiration– it has never occurred to me to be grateful that the trash on TV is not remotely tempting.  Bravo!Susan, regarding your wardrobe dilemma: “Eloise’s Guide to Life: or How to Eat, Dress, Travel, Behave, and Stay Six Forever” offers some excellent advice if you are seriously thinking of reverting to six.  As I recall, toe shoes make very good ear muffs, a melon makes a very good heat-ray hat, and an egg cup also makes a very good hat.  Call the valet to pick up your sneakers and have them cleaned and pressed.  And sometimes you can wear a rubber band on the end of your nose.  Seriously, though.  Even as a stay-home mom, I’m amazed how I can have a closet full of clothes and still have nothing to wear when I want to go somewhere off my usual circuit.  Good luck, and send instructions if you solve it!

  44. The 40’s are looking good on you.  I can sense it.You wash your travel cups?  “Without my morning coffee, I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat.”Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) THE COFFEE CANTATA

  45. HA!  Sandy, I never knew that’s what they were singing in the Coffee Cantata!  I’ll have to listen more carefully.  That Bach knew what he was about, didn’t he?  Roast goat is an apt description of me in the morning!My dirty little secret:  I never actually reach the bottom of any coffee mug.  I don’t know why, but I never drink it all the way down.  Thus, I must truly wash my travel mug…

  46. Micki – I share the same secret.  I do it with both coffee and beer, and I can’t figure out why.  Do you do it with all drinks, or just coffee?  Do you know why?

  47. Kelli, I also do it with wine.  I will finish a glass of water or soda, or a bottle of beer.  But not coffee or wine.  I don’t know, is it scarcity mentality?  Or fear of the dregs?  Is there a phobia name for this?  dregophobia?  gone-a-phobia?We better be careful.  Sandy will have us back in with Dr. Phil…

  48. Micki – You will love the tennis lessons!  I remember when I was growing up,  mom would play tennis all summer.  It was fun for both of us!  I would go and hang out at the courts, wishing I could play, too.  My dance music is Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas music!  Even in mid-summer, I play it on my iPod and usually get really inspired to clean my house!  I dance around with the mop and vacuum cleaner, all in my own little Christmasy-Connick world.  It is the most fun one can have cleaning house!  And about the only thing that will inspire me to do it!I will check out the Dropkick Murphys, though.  Who knows?  Maybe my house will be clean more often!PS – Those construction workers look very young!  How long ago was that taken?Farmer’s Market organic French Roast, brewed by Doug at 5:45 am instead of me, which makes it taste twice as good!

  49. I took my first tennis lesson in the the summer after the 7th grade through the Hobbs Recreational Program.  A very mean man started us out.  For the first two weeks we hit the ball into a chain-length fence,  working on the stroke technique.  I must admit when I finally got to the court, the adjustment was fairly easy!First tennis racket bought/exchanged with Green Stamps!Is golf next?  I recommend it!

  50. Kelli, my parents used to play tennis, too.  I vaguely remember when I ran onto the court as a little tyke and got knocked nearly unconscious by my mom’s powerful backswing (if that’s a tennis word)!  Nonetheless, I do think I will love it.  I just hope I don’t get Sandy’s “mean man” teacher!I don’t know if you will like Dropkicks, Harry Connick, Jr. (whom I also love) is a pretty far cry.  But on the Harry note, I’m thinking of buying some music by a group called The Subdudes– they’re a New Orleans bunch, like Harry.  I’ve also been listening to some Blind Boys of Alabama (‘sway music’, not dance music!).Sandy, I’ve been thinking about golf as well.  It’s a little harder to manage logistically around here.  But I’ve already told Clay I want to get out on the course with him at least once this summer.  I may not be very good, but I did have a semester of it at Hillsdale (with the boys’ bb coach).  Heidi, who is on vacation at the moment, and probably golfing a bit, is the Laub girl with the golf skills.

  51. I miss you all!  I’m trying, trying to get a new post up.  Crunched for time this week (and computer is not cooperating, either).  Been so distracted I actually made myself coffee-less coffee this week.  Imagine my surprise when I poured it into my cup and it looked just like… water!  Oh well, there will be more leisurely days ahead.  Take care all!

  52. Hi there, today I made the perfect pot of brew.  (Just thought I’d tell you because only you would appreciate it and I’m not always so swift or lucky.)   I really haven’t had a method — not being an exact measurer and all, because usually I just eye it and I’m good to go.  But it was so nice to have given that is is a rainy day and what looks to be a rainy week.  Dancing.  I haven’t really danced in a while, though I have perhaps grooved a bit…I went to the Allison Krauss & Robert Plante concert a week ago and it’s fantastic.  I highly recommend their album on itunes.  I’ll definitely check out Amazing Grace. I need all the recommendations I can get — if I can’t say I’ve danced recently, then I need to.Tennis sounds so fun – I’m so glad you’re doing that, Micki!  I haven’t played since I was very little.  I’d love to play.  Though  I may have to stick to returning to golf once my back gets better.

  53. I think we all have our different chaos which averts our attention from more important things… namely cuppa.  It is most important to remember to make time for ourselves occasionally.  Unfortunately for me, this quality “me time” ends up being at 10PM – not exactly the best time for coffee when you have to get up at 5 the next morning.  Ah well, at least I get to enjoy a cup of cyber coffee with a friend.

  54. Here’s an idea.  Put the kids outside, lock the door… and enjoy that cuppa in the peace and quiet.  That’s what my mother did and look how good I turned out!!

  55. I have recently begun rising early for a cup of coffee and some quiet time before my day gets started, and I have to say, I recomend it.  Of course, I don’t have children, but there is something about starting your day in the peace and quiet of the sunrise.  I always choose a different spot in my house to sit, drink, and read.  Sometimes snuggled up in the den, sometimes on my back porch listening to the birds, sometimes at the kitchen table.  I just go with whatever strikes me that morning.  I really look forward to it each day, and I am always amazed at the clarity I have at that time of the morning!  These few extra minutes set up my whole day, and I’ve decided I can’t live without them! If you decide to try it, you should venture outside.  I’m fairly sure the flies are not awake at that hour!

  56. Thank you both for the suggestions.  I haven’t resorted to door locking yet, but I may end up there!  And I’m not an early riser, but you make it sound so calm and serene that I may try that too.  Of course, snuggled up in bed is about as calm and serene as it gets for me.  Not sure if I’ll find the motivation to drag myself out early.

  57. Hello girls.  Love the ideas.  Ms. Notamother, you get the award for thinking “outside the box”– ha.  (I’ll call you for a character reference when the state takes the kids away!)  Meanwhile, early rising is not going well… Quinn is up at 6:15 lately, and I do not do anything earlier than that unless it’s to catch a plane!  Heidi, how can you type with a straight face that you are not an early riser???  Did your comment come at 6:08 AM?Later this afternoon I’m going to write the flip side of the earplugs and blinders blog– it all looks different on a different day.  Hope you’re all having a good one…

  58. I never said I don’t get up early.  I implied that I don’t LIKE to get up early.  And I only do it out of necessity!  If I didn’t have to be at work at 7am, I certainly wouldn’t get up at 5:25 every morning.

  59. Forget the curtains; get the laptop.  It will change your life.  Until you get one of your own, take Will’s with your on your outings along with a flash drive to copy your writings.  Git ‘er done!

  60. Thanks, Dr. Phil.  You’re right, of course.  Curtain mission only marginally successful.  As for new laptops, I have to remind myself there is a perfectly good Apple desktop in front of me, and an old and clunky but workable Dell laptop in the living room if I absolutely must escape.  Mantra today is “Must…find…discipline…to write in my kitchen…chaos no excuse…(gasp, gasp)”

  61. Hey!!  looks like comments are back.  I think it must have been a problem with the new Mac applications– I didn’t change anything, but they were changing everything around that new iPhone.  Hopefully the comment function will be okay now, because I miss you guys!

  62. Thank you, Steve!  I love it that Apple still has such great, personal service even after all its success.  Keep it up– I’ll buy any gadget you guys make.

  63. Glad to hear the family is put back together and healthy.  Good for you on the tennis lessons!  That’s some quailty “me time” if I ever saw it.  My coffee of choice this morning was a mocha frapuchino.  Not very exciting, but delicious nonetheless.

  64. I had no idea. (…that it was national ice cream day).  But I’m proud to report I did my part.  In fact, I’ve been much too faithful in my ice cream efforts lately.  And by the way, Heidi, I find mocha fraps Very exciting.  No whip for me.  Although, the other day I did see a young woman walking down the street with a grande frap w/whip and the little domed lid.  Something about the sight just made me happy– like it was summer encapsulated (with a plastic domed lid).  Am I unwell?

  65. Have you registered your Starbuck’s card?  I did, and it gives a freebie or two.  Today I get a free Vivano, the new smoothie.  Also, all extra shots of flavor are free!  Do it online.   http://www.starbucks.comMy cuppa today was a small pot of Yuban–in my jammies.  (Trying to save money for traveling to places with great coffee.)Oh, and I like the “joe page.”  Hook us up!

  66. Signing off for a while, my friends!  I hope you will check in again in a couple weeks???  I’ll try to get our “Joe Page” up around then.  Meanwhile, we’re off to Texas for several days to see the family.  Take care, y’all.

  67. It was wonderful to get reaquainted with all the kids and to see you!!!  I’m glad you are safely home and ready to fall back into the crazy schedule that four kids create.  Love to you all.

  68. I love you, Mick, and miss you terribly – we were just getting settled into a routine; and morning coffee in the sun room is just not the same without you and your children filling our home with excitement and life.

  69. Oh my gosh, in my post-vacation scramble, I forgot all about the Joe Page!  I had just created the beginnings of the page right before we left, and I think there are half-completed sentences and everything (when I publish a new blog, everything else I’m working on goes live, too).  Anyway, how about sending your category and nomination as a comment on whatever Cuppa blog is current?  I’ll add to Joe as we go.  Hope you are having a great weekend, Kelli.  Have fun with your mom!

  70. Hi Sandy, The About Joe page is the cuppa take on “about the author”– I mean, coffee is kind of the star of the show here, right?  So why not have our own hall-of-fame/idea/resource page?  If someone finds a bean blend they love, or a coffeemaker they can’t live without– we want to know about it!  I tossed out a few ideas for “best-of’ nominations, etc., but more categories are always welcome.  Until I think of a better way, I’ll have to put up contributors’ info submitted via comments.  Worth a try anyway… let’s collaborate in this little cafe…

  71. Your silence is telling me that either you are too busy to read a blog these days, or you hated the long recitation of Ogden Nash.  If the former, I hope the busy-ness is the good kind, in which you’re engaged in what your doing and happy to be doing it.  If the latter, all I can say is that I will try to refrain from so indulging myself in the future– but I do think it is comically ironic that that particular rhyme should be the offending example of boring-osity!

  72. Hi Micki,You know that I would have comment—KEEP IT UP!  It quite concerns me to go to to a west egg address, you know that The Great Gatsby was of the east egg society.  What’s a girls to do?  But since my Nash books are still in boxes. . . ILoveyougigixoxoxox

  73. I keep thinking that I will watch the movie THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT over and over again to make myself feel better about Washington, even if it is only for the two hours that the movie runs.   I want to see someone stand up like Michael Douglas does in the movie and say something with convition like, “I’m Andrew Shepard, and I AM the President!”  Remember that line?  Maybe I’ll watch AIR FORCE ONE, too – “We’re counting on you red, white, and blue.”    No big plans for the weekend.  Just watching the Broncos and the Cowboys!  Sorry about those Patriots – tough break this year.Next weekend we are heading up to Breckenridge for 3 days.  The leaves are supposed to be peaking, and I can’t wait to take in the fall mountain air!

  74. Don’t forget about the movie “Dave!”  I love that one.  Kevin Kline singing in the shower, “Hail to the chief, he’s the one we all say ‘hail’ to.  We all say ‘hail’ ’cause he keeps himself so clean!”Mmm.  Fall mountain air…  Earlier on this rainy, dreary NE day, I saw a car commercial winding through desert mountains.  Very NM-esque.  And I said (under my breath, I thought), “sigh.  I want to go home.”  Claire looked at me with a funny grin and said, “but you are home, Mom.”  I said, “I know.”  And she persisted, “Did you mean you want to go to your mommy and daddy’s house?”  I just hugged her and said that no, I was just being silly.  True story.  I still miss the West.K.  Have a good weekend!

  75. How could I forget DAVE???  Thanks for reminding me of that scene – classic!I wish you were home, too.  I miss having you here!Love you

  76. I’m not ready for Christmas music, but I did buy some new coffee over the weekend.  In the shadows of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE, I found a kiosk called The Perfect Cup.  It hit the spot, so I bought a pound of Nebraska’s Blackshirt Blend–French roasted Hard Bean Costa Rican, Sumatran, and South American beans.The Huskers defense is nicknamed the Blackshirts!  Go Big Red!!

  77. Mick, good luck with the novel month.  Why do they pick a month like November?  Why can’t they pick February when no one has anything to do and we’re all cooped up in the house anyway?  Oh well.  More power to you!  As for “letting us down” that is not the case.  I check your blog everytime I log onto my home computer.  Sad, isn’t it?  Maybe I should pick up the phone and call you instead of waiting for you to blog.  :)Love to all.

  78. All right!  Permission granted to begin the Christmas music.   I ran across our “Christmas Swing” cd the other day and was mentally calculating how many days until it would be “legal” to pop it in the player.   My son, who doesn’t care for Christmas music, won’t want me visiting your blog if you are going to have this kind of influence on me. Okay, so in case you were wondering,  I haven’t actually done my Latin work that I said I would do before indulging in your blog.  But I have the book out and there’s a pen around her somewhere. I’m close.  This is the only post I’m reading until I do it…promise.

  79. Sandy, hope you had a great time at the game this weekend.  Are you back home and boxing up?  See you online Friday at midnight?  Heidi– I wondered about Nov for novels, too.  Lots of bah-humbug Thanksgivings among the really serious writers, I guess.  Feb is kinda short though.  As for checking the blog, thanks, that’s nice to hear!  Makes me want to get back to doing it more just to keep dialogue going.  You and I both know that our attention spans– with small folks (yes, and husbands) in the house– are not compatible with phone calls!   And Natalie, Yaay, thanks for checking in!  Yes, “play that funky music-”  wait, I mean, play that Christmas music, girl!  (Where in my head do things like the line from that song reside?  Why are they taking up valuable space?)  Getting yourself organized to work is even harder than actually doing the work, so I say you are half done with homework just for getting the book out.  The pen is extra credit.Goodnight, sweet ladies, goodnight.  Goodnight.

  80. Micki – I check Cuppa several times per week!  It always brightens my day when there is a new post.  I am throwing a Fall Festival for about 300 kids this afternoon, and I always start listening to Christmas music the day after this event.  I think I get more excited about starting up the music than I do about the Fall Festival!  Can’t wait to hear Harry Conick, Jr.’s version of “Frosty the Snowman!”

  81. Micki:I received a message from Peet’s on 10/27, letting me know that Holiday Blend 2008 is here and available online now.  Launching Christmas music season on the exact same day seems inspired, not early.  This is the first time I’ve ever replied to your blog, for all kinds of lame “I’m too busy” reasons, but I keep your original e-mail message in my inbox and periodically check in on you all.  I think your blog is wonderful and really appreciate the time you take to write it.

  82. Hi Anne!  So happy to hear from you.  Of course, I timed the Christmas music release with Peet’s Christmas blend… my people called their people, and, you know…  They don’t do anything without consulting me!Loved getting your e-mail, too.  Looking for a quiet spell to give a full reply.  Miss you!

  83. Love the poetry and am very pleased that you squeezed some joy into a wintery picture.  Sorry the furnace is making noise – our’s is the loudest new furnace I have ever heard (matter-a-fact, its the ONLY new furnace I have every heard!)  Love ya, Mom.Sandy – Starbucks is definitely calling me – having spent a full week with Maxwell House, I am needy!

  84. I’m glad to see the comment feature is up and running and am hoping your furnace is as well.  I simply can’t imagine having to endure NE winters.  We are whining because we’re having our fourth or fifth night below freezing in the past 2 weeks.  Come on down the weather is fine!

  85. Wow, I don’t know how I’ve missed this post for a whole week, but here I am to comment.  Better late than never, right?  Hope your emotions have evened out and the roller coaster of last week is no more.  At least the mid-terms are over, right?  As to the inauguration euphoria, my dear friend Margaret Evans quotes Peggy Noonan in her blog.  It’s a nice read.  I especially enjoyed the picture of mink-clad African American women parading around the mall with the notable absence of PETA. http://www.lcweekly.com/index.php?option=com_myblog&show=What-Peggy-Saw.html&Itemid=90 Hope you are thawing out and getting some sunshine.

  86. WAAAHOOO!!!!  I’m SO excited for you guys!  Guster is adorable!  Soon, you won’t eveb be able to remember what your life before him was like.  Can’t wait to hear more stories about him!

  87. http://www…what a great looking dog.  But then I am partial to hound mutts that come from a shelter. 🙂  Love the name, especially the Carleton Heskett…too bad it didn’t stick.  Hope you enjoy your dog as much as we have enjoyed ours…if he is anything like Katrina (our greyhound/doberman mix) he will be so thrilled to have a loving, happy home, he will be the perfect family pet.

  88. Hmmmm…..that first part of my commnet was supposed to be Awww, not a weak attempt at some link.  Sorry about that.  Is there a way to fix it?

  89. It was wonderful to see Will with Gus!!  He’s wanted a dog forever–I still picture him walking around the yard in Lovington with a stick and Scoot following him.  I know Gus will be a super addition to your family!!

  90. If it’s European travel you want, I should put you in contact with a friend who takes her family to Europe nearly every year, all three kids in tow.  She is a master at finding inexpensive but cute little apartments to stay in all over the continent.  Like you, she lived in Europe for a while and so has serious Euro-travel in her blood.

  91. Squirrel tales, huh.  We have some of those too.  Once I called Patrick in a panic, convinced there was some kind of critter in the duct work of the air conditioning system.  He brushed it off until he came home quite late to find what I said was true.  A relatively small (young and stupid?) squirrel had taken a dive down a vertical piece of duct work and was perched on top of the ac vent in the master bath, unable to climb back up from where he had come.  After an SOS call to the neighbor, the use of several pairs of leather gloves, a tall ladder to reach the vent in the 10 ft ceiling and a pair of needle nose pliers to grab hold of the intruder before removing the vent from the ceiling, we don’t think he survived the rescue process.  A small chunk of tail remained on the bathroom counter, a casualty of the rescue process, and he took a pretty bad blow to the head when he attempted to bit the hand that rescued him.  We never have found the whole in the duct work and so can only assume we are air conditioning the attic at the place he found his entry.As to your squirrel wars, may the best man…er…beast win (I sure hope that’s Gus).  And may the fluffy tailed rodent never find his way into your house or attic.

  92. Yikes!  At least our battles have stayed outside so far!  Though we did have a peeping-tom raccoon peering in the skylight one night…

  93. Not enough time for a real reply with my list, but do want to say “buy them all in each color” to the shoe shopping comment.  I’ve always been very “sensible” regarding shoes, but now that I’m 40 I’m throwing caution to the wind and just buying what I like.  As a matter of fact I just bought a pair of red sandals last night…didn’t need ’em, just saw ’em and liked ’em.  Hope you have great success.

  94. I like this post, Micki!  I learned a lot about you!Here goes…favorite smell: log cabinsfavorite tree: Aspenfeeling of satisfaction: I’ve sucessfully relaxed on the weekendsecret skill: crochetbest time of day: first thing in the morning when all is quiet except the birdsbest day of the year: that day in the Spring when you suddenly realize that everthing has turned green!  (That day was yesterday for me)dream of: having childrenleast favorite feature: the layer of fatwould never eat: coagulated cheesecan’t understand: how people can not believe in Godmountains or ocean: Depends on if I need a vacation! (I love living near the mountains, but I crave ocean vacations!)activity I miss: spending summer days at the poolmoney or time: Depends on the day, but for the most part, timecouldn’t live without: my familyalmost couldn’t live without: the combination of chocolate and wine (or chocolate and anything… or wine and anything…  Hmmm, does this explain the layer of fat?)least favorite chore: laundryfavorite chore (is that an oxymoron??): bathroomssecret phobia: public bathroomssecret annoyance: all the hype around sustainability *GASP* (this is so secret and un-pc, that I’ve thought about deleting it several times.  On the other hand, it annoys me so much that I felt the need to insert a category for it! We’re all friends here, right?????)wonder why: I can’t ever get through my list of chores in one day!if I could fix one thing in the world: there’s so much work to be done…thankful for: breath and all that comes with it!

  95. favorite smell: popcornfavorite tree: live oakfeeling of satisfaction?:  booking the next flightsecret skill:  It’s a secret.best time of day: all daysecretly covet:  any musical abilitydream of: living in a hotel in a foreign countryleast favorite feature:  hairwould never eat:  I’ll try anything once.other favorite smell:  coffee brewing can’t understand: why a kid would come to an AP exam without a pencilmountains or ocean?: neither.  Give me the desert and wide open spaces.activity I miss:  waxing philosophic in front of interested studentsmoney or time?:  Money.  I’ve got the timecouldn’t live without:  a caralmost couldn’t live without:  a daily newspaperleast favorite chore:  grocery storewonder why:  people don’t reply to emails/phone calls in a timely mannerif I could fix one thing in the world:  Everyone would be able to read on the college levelthankful for:  finally learning to travel

  96. I LOVE the lists!  Thank you, thank you, for playing!  Can’t write more this moment, but wanted to at least say that!  And Natalie… I, too, bought red sandals (before I got your comment).  We really are cut from the same cloth!  I also bought antiqued gold ones.  I love Marshalls…

  97. Okay…2 girls are finished with school for the year and the other two kids are doing their standardized test…so I’m taking a break and finally submitting my list.favorite smell: magnolia blossomsfavorite tree: magnolia (if I’m not the one cleaning up the leaves) or live oak (ditto the leaf comment)feeling of satisfaction?: having the yard in tip-top shape with lots of things blooming (I spent 10 years living in a neighborhood with a high deer population and most everything that blooms is also a deer delicacy) secret skill:  juggling? (Micki, did you learn that in P.E…I did)best time of day: late nightsecretly covet:  being naturally thin and slenderdream of:  rocking orphans in Haiti…I’m going to do it somedaywould never eat:  gator tailother favorite smell:  bread baking or coffee brewingcan’t understand:  why everyone doesn’t see politics like I domountains or ocean?:  mountainsactivity I miss:  going for walks in Goll Woods money or time?:  money…I know that’s the wrong answer, but my husband runs a non-profitleast favorite chore:  mopping (but my husband usually does it)favorite chore: yard workthankful for: a husband who loves me despite all my flaws and great kids despite the wretched example I set for them some dayswonder why:  evil people end up running entire nationsif I could fix one thing in the world:  fed and clothe the poor and hungryThanks for doing this Micki.  Have a great weekend!

  98. Thanks, Natalie!  I love your list.  What a Southern girl you’ve become, my friend– magnolias don’t grow in Archbold (do they???).  But you do retain some of your roots– from walks in Goll Woods to juggling in gym (yes, I think I learned it from some student teacher along the way, does that sound familiar?)  I’m also really good on stilts, but I learned that in college.  I wonder if I could combine the two and perform in Harvard Square.  Probably would have to juggle knives or chainsaws, and that’s not happening!My parents send their greetings, pleased to receive yours.  Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  99. Okay, this looks like “comment padding,” but I just read back through the Kelli and Sandy lists, and they so made me smile.  Aspens are lovely, aren’t they Kelli?  So are chocolate and wine.  I share your secret annoyance, believe it or not (and boy are you your brother’s sister!!).  And if you will only come visit us, I promise to let you clean all the bathrooms the whole time you’re here!As for you, Sandy.  I can see your little sly smile when you tell us your secret skill is a secret.  I’m happy to note that you keep booking the next flight and you definitely have learned how to travel… now let’s hear more about the foreign country, live in a hotel plan!OK.  I’ll sign off now.  Happy weekend to anyone who happens to drop by!

  100. favorite smell: rain on a warm early summer eveningfavorite tree: is it a birch tree that has white bark?feeling of satisfaction: finishing a difficult xc workout/finally reaching a goal race timesecret skill: hmmm, will taught me to burp on command when i was 6…best time of day: early morning (when i’m awake)best day of the year: in the fall, when you look around and see the beautiful orange, red and yellow treesdream of: traveling/living all over the worldleast favorite feature: weird pudgy toeswould never eat: any form of sea foodcan’t understand: molecular biology/geometrymountains or ocean: mountains, although i probably take the ocean for granted (except for the mediterranean!!)activity i miss: playing legos/matchbox cars for hours at a timemoney or time: tough one, probably time, so i wouldn’t have to be up until 11 doing homework every other night!couldn’t live without: family almost couldn’t live without: changeleast favorite chore: ALL of themsecret phobia: people in general (though that’s not really secret)secret annoyance: mass obsessionsif i could fix one thing in the world: ignorancethankful for: hmm, many things

  101. Sounds like a “perfect” life to me… very homey and secure (you know, good memory making stuff).  I am jealous, my coffee for the morning is a “canned” Starbucks Double Shot – but it is better than the usual Maxwell House we serve up at the office.Mom

  102. Sounds like great fun!  I am slightly in awe of the kids going to school until the middle or end of June.  This year, schools got out later than they ever have, the last week of May.  I guess you don’t start until Sept?  Around here it seems summer has barely begun and August school shopping is necessary.Hope you have a great summer…and s to till hoping to see you NEXT WEEK!!!

  103. Okay…mental note…proof before sending.  Not sure what happened with the typo…chalk it up to a brain mush from too much costuming.And, I’m so happy to see I haven’t lost it completely and can, in fact, correctly duplicate the image verification letters and numbers.

  104. Thought….. wouldn’t life be boring if every day was the same?!  Take it as it comes, including our human condition –  God gives me monster flick days to remind me He is in control.Love ya bunches!Mom

  105. Another thought….. wish I was there with you, enjoying your company and as an added bonus, a mocha cap.  Canned coffee as served up here in Archbold, just doesn’t meet my needs!Mom

  106. How in the world did I ever manage to raise two daughters and miss all the “fun”?  I love my daughters and my grandchildren – just the way they are… and while I will always encourage them and cheer their academic and extra-curricular activities and accomplishments, I will also hold in my heart, those free times when discoveries of life around them occur – i.e. a long legged 3 yr old Chloe hanging over Ollie’s head (a ride toy) to study bugs in the driveway; or a 4 yr old Will beaming from ear to ear as he skillfully executed “donuts” in his yellow pedal car (not allowed in the cars you now drive, Will).  I’m with you Mick – I vote for letting kids be kids while they are. Mom

  107. Well said, Micki.  My conscience was cleansed when Hannah’s riding instructor told me that she can take a 10 or 11year old with average abilities and in two brief years teach them to ride as well as another average 13 yo who has been riding since they were 5 or 6 years old.  Wow…I saved a lot of trips to the barn, not to mention a small (well, at riding lesson prices…a medium) fortune.

  108. Yes, still thinking about it– and luxuriating in my first couple of free hours (Clay was with me yesterday, so that doesn’t count).  Tennis tomorrow, then Quinn home Friday.  So, whatever it is, I think my First Day will be Monday.  Glad you were able to finally get on here!

  109. Micki – you are welcome to join me in the “First Day of a New Diet” day.  It happens every Monday morning without fail.  Loved “Cuppa Calm,” by the way!  Glad you are blogging again!  It is a nice refreshment in my day.

  110. Keep enjoying fall for me since Mother Nature seems to have lost her calendar here in south Georgia.  Temps reached the upper 90’s today.   Your blog post does make me want to take a late night walk on the beach, gaze at the stars and enjoy the sea breeze.   Next time you walk Gus to the beach, imagine your old friend walking along the same ocean…and I’ll do the same.  And someday…let’s do it together.

  111. Okay…while not the main point of you post…how was the Via?  And how did you get a sample?  I simply can’t imagine really good instant coffee.  I admit; I’m a skeptic.And I see, you and Martha must bump into each other often as your parallel paths cross.  My problems with Martha stem from all the ways she steals my household and cleaning tips.  Her website currently offers “Classic Martha Ideas”.  She must get all those ideas when she visits my house…you know me…always baking pound cakes scented with geranium leaves and having immaculate linen closets because I perfectly fold all my fitted sheets.Thanks for the laugh!

  112. Natalie, first, VIA coffee is actually excellent.  I’m thrilled that I now have a quick solution when I can’t get it together before taking the kids to school… which is pretty often : }  (that’s meant to be a grimace!)  Second, I can’t believe that Martha!  Stealing your sheet-folding secrets and household tricks and recipes?!  I’ve been keeping my trade secrets from her for years:  for example, I wad my sheets into a ball, secure them with rubber-bands, and stack them precariously… that way my linen closet looks all festive all the time!  (And if the kids get bored, we just open the closet door and see what happens!)  Shhhh, don’t tell!  Also, my poison ivy pie has quite a reputation…

  113. Definitely a chef in the making!  I’ll watch for her on “The Next Food Network Star!”  Thanks for sharing, Micki – that was priceless!

  114. What an astute observation.  I think I will make it my mission to try to be “present” in each task I undertake.  Of course, my natural tendency is to be scattered and pick at things just as you described.  But as you said, today is a new day.  I have no shopping done.  I have no decorations up, and I don’t have Christmas cards written.  But the boys are both at the sitter today and I will attempt to accomplish at least one of these tasks today.  Let’s be present for the important stuff this month.  Thank you for the gentle reminder of what’s really important.

  115. So, how are you doing?  Are you “present” and getting some things accomplished?  I do know what you mean though.  My house is littered with partially completed tasks that I somehow got distracted from before they were finished…or I moved on to something that appeared to be more urgent at that particular moment.  Seems to be the story of my life. <sigh>

  116. Absolutely love and treasure the drawing – Have it on the refrigerator door and on the bulletin board at work.  Thanks, daughter.

  117. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but Kevin thinks the reason it wasn’t a teenage is because they were all busy downloading Rihanna’s music from limewire (or any number of other illegal ways of snagging a tune).  I prefer your scenario to Kevin’s. 🙂

  118. Sigh.  Kevin’s probably right.  Just when I think I’m keeping up…  Oh well, I still like iTunes AND Facebook– even if they are becoming the domain of old fogeys like me!

  119. You can’t call yourself old until you know so little about the technology that you ignore the plethora of notices to update and renew your anti-virus software, thinking that following the link will GIVE you a virus.  Patrick spent about 20 hours over the weekend at his parents house trying to clean up their virus riddled computer.  Guess who will now be getting the notices to update and renew?  Not his parents. 🙂  And you are so cutting edge!!  I on the other hand know just enough to be dangerous and drive my IT guy (my husband) crazy.

  120. Wow, I’m way behind.  Sorry I haven’t seen this (and thus commented).Might I suggest, as a corollary field trip, that you consider seeing the southern playground of those famous tycoons?  Down south, they simply built “cottages” and a fabulous hotel for all their guests.  I don’t think your education would be complete without a trip to Jekyll Island.  Check it out here:http://www.jekyllclub.com/  and here:  http://www.offbeattravel.com/Jekyll.htmlOh, and did I mention that Jekyll is just a hop, skip and a jump from my house?   Stately Eades Manor (yes, we have superhero delusions here) always has the welcome mat out.Anyway…thanks for sharing.  Sounds like it was a fun get away.

  121. It has been too long since I have visited grand estate Steve.  I’ll check with my staff to see when I may be able to make the trip.  Sadly, it looks like 2010 is booked.  But I will force the issue for 2011!  Love to all.

  122. What can I say, my daughter?!  You just have a way of telling the story… a way that touches your readers.  I certainly remember the evening of Heidi’s birth, and nothing thrilled your dad and I more than hearing little Heidi’s first cry.  But, never did I pause and think what emotions you may have been experiencing.  Thanks for sharing.  Heidi does not like me to say something is “special”, but my daughters most certainly are just that!  Love ya!

  123. My two sisters are 12 and 15 years younger than I am, and I remember the day each of them arrived.  We were barely in the same house, and yet…  family.

  124. Can I be as fanciful as want with my list?I want finish Wheelock’s Latin and then read Virgil or Cicero or even Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars in LatinI want to figure out gardening here in the south, specifically growing a winter gardenI want to have enough bookshelves for all our books (without it looking like we live in a library)I want to read all of Paul Johnson’s history booksI want to compete in a triathlon or at least a long distance swimI want learn chords and improvisation on the pianoI want meet up in Savannah with a dear friend One of these days…

  125. Love your list, Natalie!  Aren’t we ambitious?  But hey, we only go around once, right?  And yeah, we might not get it all done… but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it…Not to be presumptuous, but I might sign on to help you with the Savannah one!  Want to come surfing with me someday?  Hawaii or Costa Rica?

  126. You and Natalie are far too ambitious for this person…. I am beyond making lists.  However, I would love to have a copy of the “Restless and Relentless” photo posted.

  127. Yes, you can help with with the Savannah one, and yes, I could probably sacrifice and make a trip to Hawaii or Costa Rica with you. 😉  Actually, I know more people who go to Costa Rica to surf than Hawaii.  I guess it just so much closer (and cheaper) from where we are.  Dare I say…it’s usually more of a college crowd…but we can pretend.  It would be so fun!

  128. I was really impressed by the level of skills you all want to acquire!  But, as someone living with MS, my list will surely look much less exciting than yours as my abilities have been chopped down, piece by piece.  It makes me feel better to liken the disease process by comparing it to “The Giving Tree.”  I pretend that I’m “giving” my skills away to a better source, rather than lamenting that they’re being robbed from me.  My biggest fear, however, is that no one will want to sit on my stump at the end!  Nevertheless, I too have “stuff” I want to accomplish:• I want to be able to read a novel again and remember what I just read.• I want to read ALL of Jane Austen’s works.• I want to learn more about genealogy and research my family’s history. • I want to go on a cruise with my husband Tom.• I want to spend time in England again and visit all of the towns and places my mother told me about.• While in England, I specifically want to pay my respects to Jane Austen’s burial site and home….even if it entails crawling up stairs, inch by inch.• I want to go to Scotland and Ireland to research Tom’s “roots.”• After my trips, I want to set up a website, chronicling our travel adventures with a wheelchair or scooter….something that someone in my position might find helpful. • I want to start enjoying all of what DC has to offer.• I want to create something that SOMEONE might treasure when I’m gone, whether it be a book, poem, journal, painting, needlework, recipe, etc.  • I want to learn more about interior design.• I want to learn how to knit and make the warmest, cutest scarf for Tom.• I want to learn how to make window treatments for our home, using my mother’s beloved sewing machine.• I want to brew myself a pot of really expensive coffee, and not feel the least bit guilty for being the only one drinking it.• I want to get out my cherished china and crystal, and use them!  Afterall, my days of hosting fancy dinners is over, and it’s ridiculous to keep them in boxes.  Wow!!  I could go on and on with this post, so it’s best for me to end this exercise before I exhaust myself!!  HA!

  129. Kirsten, I can see that you are like me!  Who would ever have time to be bored, with lists such as these?  The trick is to use them as inspiration, rather than as something to flog ourselves with if we don’t get it all done– and that’s a tall order for a couple of midwestern gals like us!  You could start by working on the guilt issue with that coffee all for yourself– I’m going to hunt down some good Kona and send it your way!  Love hearing what inspires you… sounds like a cruise across the Atlantic (with plenty of time for reading and knitting en route) is in order!

  130. Wait a minute!  Has this post really been here since June 2?  Has it really been that long since I stopped in?My (blogging) ox seems to be in a similar ditch.  Not sure how to pull him out, but I suspect it has something to do with giving up the idea that every post must be something profound, creative and awe inspiring.   I, for one, would love your unpolished thoughts.  We could let them tumble around and see if they became more polished just from having a dialogue.

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