To Relinquish the Day

So you had a bad day.  It’s late in the evening.  Do you call it a wash and go to bed?  Or do you fight on and try to do something to salvage the day, if only in your own mind?  No, I didn’t have a bad day, I was just wondering how YOU respond to a down day.

I reach the end of each day, bad or good, and I am loathe to let it go.  I always feel there is more I could have done– more I would have liked to do.  And that’s not just a negative view of my to-do lists, just another way of looking at the fact that I am never bored.  I have a list in my head of a million and one things to learn or look up or write or make or think about or read… and I’ll never get to all of them.  That’s okay, but sometimes it makes it hard to go to bed!  Kinda reminds me of Dylan Thomas’  “Do not go gentle into that good night…  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  Of course, he wasn’t talking about bedtime, was he?

Nevertheless, let me indulge myself here.  Let me share some of the things I long to learn or try or read, in no particular order (and certainly not all at the same time!):

  • I want to try roasting my own coffee
  • I want to learn to speak Italian
  • I want to try surfing (mentioned that one before, haven’t I?)
  • I want to really try to keep a tidy house (you know, just for a little while, to see if I can do it?)
  • I want to read more, more, more classics (from Homer to Hardy)
  • I want to write at least one novel that has the power to draw readers into its world
  • I want to follow threads at will– learn about people/places/events that catch my fancy (for example, the artist Chaim Soutine, or the Russo/Polish wars– just whatever I happen to wonder about on a given day)
  • I want to always be discovering new favorite places– near and far
  • I want to keep learning new skills– like carpentry or tilework

Really, that’s just off the top of my head.  How can people ever be bored?  Feel like sharing any of the things that you plan to get to “one of these days?”

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