Old School Meets High Tech

I love what I just found out on iTunes:  they just crossed the 10 billionth-song-downloaded mark.  And guess what the tune was?  Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way”!  Some guy from Georgia (Woodstock, GA, to add to the overall irony), won a $10,000 iTunes card for his fortuitous timing (being the 10 billionth).  Lucky him!

But isn’t it the coolest thing ever– that it was a truly old-school tune that made the magic mark?  Apple should be publicizing the heck out of this!  It wasn’t some teenager downloading the latest Rihanna, it was a guy downloading JOHNNY CASH… Talk about market penetration!

Why this pleases me so much, I can’t quite articulate.  Oh wait, yes I can… It’s just this:  we older folks CAN adapt.  We CAN learn new tricks and adopt new technologies!  Go grownups!

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