Holiday Wrap

First things first… today Claire is 7 years old!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE!

The 2010 holidays are well behind us now.  How do they always go so fast?  And yet, we really did some great things this year.  Grandma and Grandpa came for a pre-Christmas visit, so we got to spend nice time with them.  The littles especially enjoyed doing lots of crafting with Grandma and all the stamping/stickering/card-making supplies she had sent out.  Luckily, Grandpa and Quinn kept the recycling truck handy for cleaning up after the crafts!

Another treat was that we actually took the time to spend a day in Boston before Christmas– a nice lunch out, some walking and shopping in Faneuil Hall, and then the girls went to see The Nutcracker at the Boston Ballet.  If that isn’t festive, I don’t know what is!  Ken and Cathy headed back to Ohio before Christmas to be sure they were there to be with Grandma Great for the holiday.  As for the Hesketts, we all survived to school dismissal on the 23rd, and then rejoiced in anticipation of the ten full days we would have together over the holiday.

Santa brought some nifty surprises (like Chloe’s Kindle) and fulfilled some dear wishes (like Will’s electric guitar).  We got the first big snowstorm of the year, and traipsed up the big hill to go sledding, of course.  Will and Clay took a day to go skiing.  Chloe spent four days in the Driver’s Ed classroom (kind of a bummer, but at least no homework…).  We all did a trip to the movies, as well as a trip to the city (on my birthday– fun, fun, fun!).  It was such a relaxing, wonderful time together!

On New Year’s Eve, the teens elected to stay home with us, so we had our now-traditional NYE game night– with fondue for dinner, and games with prizes all evening.  The littles went down around 9:00, but the rest of us stayed up and played more games (poker– at which Chloe cleaned up!), then watched the ball drop with the (somewhat sad) countdown by Dick Clark and the weird spectacle of 90s boy bands and Keisha crowded around Ryan Seacrest.  Pop culture is just beyond me… people yelling and “partying” for the cameras in a pretty joyless way (especially at the midnight EST celebrations at 9pm in Vegas).  Give me a quiet toast with my family and/or friends at midnight.

I think the fact that it was such a lovely break has made it hard to get back to reality in the new year (see my blog “Boycotting January”).  But we’re trying.  We’ve been blessed today with a Snow Day respite– lots of shoveling to get out there and do, but lots of fun to be snuggling inside together.  I baked the last of our gingerbread cake (in the cute little g-bread house mold Po gave us some years back) this morning.  We also had chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday breakfast, and Claire got to open her present from Ohio– tons of crafting supplies, just perfect for a snow day.  Now we have a fire in the fireplace and a candle in the window.  We’re actually prohibited from driving on the streets until 6am tomorrow, so other than an outing to shovel and play in the snow, we will stay put and enjoy the break!  Our best snowed-in winter wishes to all our friends and family…

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