A Fresh New Heaven World…

Just a moment ago I had a bedtime conversation with Quinn and Claire about dying and Heaven.  I have to share it with you!  I left their room and immediately typed it up as faithfully as I could.  PRECIOUS!

“What is dying?” Quinn asks.

“It’s when we leave this world—“ I begin.

“And go to a fresh new Heaven world,” Claire finishes.

Quinn is about to cry.  “But I will miss you, Mommy!”

I sit down on the edge of his bed.  “Don’t worry,” I tell him.  “We will both die someday and be in that fresh new Heaven world together.”  He still looks worried.  “Quinny, God put us together as a family and we love each other, so I don’t think he will separate us.  I think we will all be together in God.”

Quinn’s face lights up, “Yeah, like in His heart!”

“Exactly!” I agree, standing up to say good night.

“We will be angels,” Claire says. “I know what angels look like.  Angels have white gowns, but they don’t cover your feet like a real gown in our world.  And they have these yellow circle hats.  They’re not touching their heads, but they stay there.  They don’t fall off.  And they sit on a cloud and play these little instruments (she mimes a small harp).  OH, and wings, don’t forget about wings.”

“Won’t that be amazing,” I say, “to have wings?”

They both agree.

“How will we know where we’re going?” Claire asks, brow furrowed.

“God will make sure we know everything we need to know,” I say.

Quinn chimes in, “We will go up and straight up!  Maybe we will go right through all the weathers—like spring and fall and summer and snow!”

Claire grins, “And on cloudy days we will be happy because we will have lots of places to sit!”

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