A Slippery Slope

It’s so easy to lose touch… with a friend, with reality, you name it. Or is that just me? Keeping my feet on the ground has always been a challenge, prone as I am to flights of fancy and daydreams of all kinds. Anyway, losing touch is a slippery slope, as the further you get, the faster you go, and the harder it seems to be to reconnect.

So here it is January, and I’ve skidded so far down the steep slope, I’m not sure how to turn around and climb back up. I’ve been flailing on the icy incline the last few days, trying to find some traction to get back to this blog, but I think I’m going to just have to dig in my fingernails and start climbing– one awkward bit at a time. As I move back up the hill, maybe I’ll remember some of the highlights of the fall– autumn, that is– to tell you.

There was the Chloe cross country thing. She really worked hard, turned it on, and turned herself into Marblehead’s consistent #2 runner…

Hello? Helloooo? I think someone forgot to finish this blog! How embarrassing for her. There were more highlights from the fall, I assure you. Maybe sometime I will come on here and record them just for posterity!

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