Confessions of a Christmas-lover

All right.  Admit it.  You’ve been moving furniture, dusting beneath things, throwing away once-treasured objects (that souvenir ticket you were using as a bookmark, the dried rose that you saved from your anniversary, the really cool jar a candle came in).  It all started with the innocent act of vacuuming up the fallen Christmas tree needles, but then it snowballed like Frosty sledding in the Himalayas.  Right?

Sure, you’re sad that the holidays are over, and you still sneak in a little Christmas music now and then.  But ‘fess up!  You secretly don’t lament packing away the advent calendar, the piney centerpiece, the scores and scores of red candles and little Christmas knick-knacks.  They seem to multiply through the season, don’t they?  Insidious Christmas paraphernalia, slowly taking over your life and choking out any semblance of order you may try to maintain.  By the time you’re done with stockings on Christmas morning, it looks like a strong wind straight from the North Pole has sucked up a city block’s worth of Christmas and deposited it all in your living room.  And the funny part is?  You never even unpacked half the Christmas decor this year!

And, c’mon, we can be honest.  You wonder where to put all that new stuff.  Because if you’re like me, you never actually got around to weeding out old toys, or your closet, or your cupboard, or whatever, before Christmas.  No, of course not.  You were too busy shopping for all this stuff– plus lots of other stuff someone else is now trying to figure out how to stow.  Just when you are trying to keep all those New Year’s Resolutions about being on time, or losing weight, or keeping life simple… you have to hurdle a pile of stocking stuffers to get to your new gloves and dash out the door on time.  Or you have to eat your way through a box of Godiva truffles in order to find the couscous in the back of the cabinet.  And meanwhile, nothing, but nothing seems simple at the moment– including buttoning your jeans.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the most promising, overwhelming time of the year.  The kids are back in school, and none too happy about it.  You will just begin to get it together when they remind you they’re out of school Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  And then, before you know it, February blows in with it’s full week holiday (at least here on the east coast).  Good luck with that one.  Unless you’ve got the money to jet off to Bermuda (and sometimes it seems like you are the only one who doesn’t), you’re going to have bickering, whiney kids wanting to be taken somewhere.  You’ll gather your strength and wrestle everyone out to a museum, only to find that everyone who isn’t in Bermuda this week is at the very same museum you picked.

Oh.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me savor the optimism of Day Four for now.  I think by the end of the week I will have this mess under control…

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