The Cooking Show

Yesterday a Nor’easter blew through– not exactly with fury, but with a kind of icy resentment.  It chilled us and drenched us all day, dumping cold water on any outdoor plans (which Will and Chloe didn’t mind, because it meant they didn’t have to go door to door for the athletic boosters).  I weaseled out of walking Gus for both the morning and afternoon walks, but took the night-time walk just in time to see the rain turn into big, fat snowflakes.  Claire and Quinn were already in bed– too bad, because Quinn has been waiting and waiting for it to snow.  In typical preschooler fashion, he has no concept of what waiting 2 months means… he only knows that 2 is not very much!

I decided early in the day to bake our way through the storm– keeping warmth and cheer going inside the house at least.  We started with a double batch of banana-chocolate chip muffins– some for the table and some for the freezer, I thought.  Twelve regular muffins and about 46 mini muffins… and guess what’s left after breakfast Monday morning?  Just two regular muffins.  I don’t even want to do that math!

Anyway, without a doubt the highlight of our baking day was Claire and Clay’s famous apple crisp.  They made it while I was in Ohio this week, and they did an encore yesterday.  Like most little girls I’ve known, Claire LOVES to cook.  But unlike most kids I know, she loves cooking shows, too.  She is a huge fan of Giada de Laurentis, and when she is cooking she likes to pretend to be doing a show.  Sooo, I finally grabbed the camera and filmed “Giada and Mario (Batali)”– actually, I think Clay wanted to be Emeril, but…

Hope the link works.  Enjoy the video with your morning cuppa!

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