Martha’s calendar vs. mine

Last Wednesday– September 30– dawned clear and cold.  “hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I better go find that stash of winter clothes hidden somewhere in the basement.  You know, the ones that totally eluded me last weekend?  They’ve got to be down there somewhere.  Surely I didn’t give them to the Vietnam Vets’ truck.” (none too confidently).

A few weeks ago I picked up a copy of “Martha Stewart Living.”  My foray into the disorganized, cobwebby basement stacks in search of something with sleeves made me think of Martha’s calendar, all neatly printed in the front of the magazine.  Surely she would never be caught without a sweater when in need… her calendar entry for September 15 probably includes shearing the farm’s own llamas and knitting a fall sweater!  And on September 16 she probably organizes her closet by color and hue.  Alas, I have only her October calendar, so I may never know!  But in case you are curious, dear friends, here’s a look at selected October activities on Martha’s calendar vs. my calendar.  You may notice the similarities!

Martha’s  calendar

Oct. 6:  Bathe dogs, and wash their beds

Oct. 8:  Saddle fitter comes to check horses’ saddles

Oct. 9:  Give demonstration at New York City Wine & Food Festival (

Oct. 11:  Put up deer fencing around property

Oct. 14:  Take down screens and put up storm windows

Oct. 16:  Work out

Oct. 19:  Give keynote speech at Direct Marketing Association’s conference, San Diego

Oct. 22:  Give chickens and horses windfall apples

Oct. 24:  Replenish firewood stack, and cover it; Store lightweight sheets and put on flannel ones

Oct. 27:  Place heat lamps in chicken coops; Order Thanksgiving turkey from farm

Oct. 29:  Buy candy for trick-or-treaters: Give speech on health and elder care at TEDMED conference, San Diego

Oct. 30:  Attend Bette Midler’s Hulaween Ball, NYC

Oct. 31:  Set clocks back


Micki’s calendar

Oct. 6:  Take Gus to the groomer (can’t bear cleaning up after bath)

Oct. 8:  Trash and recycling day??????

Oct. 9:  Stand alone at kitchen counter and steal drinks of the Guinness meant to go in stew

Oct. 11:  Pick up dog poo around the property

Oct. 14:  Take down screens and put up storm windows

Oct. 16:  Work out, if I feel like it

Oct. 19:  Give littles a speech, ‘listening to mommy’, 400th mtg of the Riding in Car Association, Marblehead

Oct. 22:  Let Gus lick the cream cheese off Quinn’s chair after bfast

Oct. 24:  Buy a case of Duraflame logs; look at flannel sheets in the Company Store catalog

Oct. 27:  Place chicken I’d planned for dinner in freezer; Order pizza for today’s dinner from Upper Crust

Oct. 29:  Buy halloween candy–AGAIN!, then ask my kids to hide it from me:  Give speech on respecting your elders at INCAR conf., MHD

Oct. 30:  Attend screening of various sports/sitcom events, my living room

Oct. 31:  Set clocks back

So, as you can see, Martha and I are pretty much living parallel lives.  This discovery led me to do a little research on her website and– oh my goodness, friends– I found (drumroll!)  Martha’s CHECKLISTS!  We might have lots of fun with those next time… beginning with “Six things to do every day.”  But for now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go knit a llama sweater.  OH, and finish my Starbucks VIA (gasp, instant?) coffee.  Hmmm, do I need to reassess my priorities:  handknit sweaters and instant coffee, or handmade coffee and instant sweaters?

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