Celebrating the Fourth of Quinn

As the headline photo proves, Quinn is officially 4! We celebrated as a family, once again somehow finding time at the end of the day for a birthday dinner (homemade penne bolognese) and cake and ice cream (store-bought, white w/white frosting and Fenway Fudge ice cream!). Afterward we did presents, of course, and Quinn was very much into that part of the evening, as you might expect. Thank yous to the grandparents for his goodies!

I was able to milk Quinn’s “Four years old is a big boy” for a few days before it kind of wore off. For a few shining moments, he gave up whining, complaining about brushing his teeth or going to bed, not eating his vegetables, etc. All because that’s not what big boys do. But apparently he figured out pretty quickly that big boys still don’t want to eat their veggies or go to bed…

And speaking of big boys. my tall son– the one who likes to drive when we go on errands– is doing well. Soccer season is on full charge, so he’s playing about 3 games a week right now. He’s also begun shooting photos for his photography class, using the awesome camera his Aunt Kelli is loaning him. I haven’t seen prints yet, but he said the negatives he developed yesterday from our apple-picking afternoon came out really well. I’m so excited to see them!

Another thing I would be excited to see would be my Chloe. But she is so, so, so busy, she is literally ‘running all the time.’ We are proud of her commitment– cross country, a really difficult course load, and she is still practicing cello faithfully. I worry about her sleep, her health, her stamina, but she handles it all pretty well, and even manages to put together the crazy wardrobe ensembles they wear to school on meet days and the delicious “buddy bags” she prepares for her designated teammate (decidedly not health food!). She is sneaking up on that 15th birthday, too.

It’s tempting to use the segue, “At 5, but going on 15…” to talk about Claire, but it really doesn’t fit. She is just an enthusiastic kindergartner right now. I watch her interact with the other kids and I’m just overjoyed at her outgoing, friendly personality. She has a greeting for all her classmates, boys and girls, and she is always happy to grab a hand and walk into school with one of them in the morning. I saw her get snubbed one day (which was heartbreaking to me); and then rejoiced that wonderful Jackson (just a random, friendly boy in her class) happened to say “hi Claire!” before she had a chance to realize that another little girl had walked away from her. I just want her to hold on to that open, unaffected manner of young childhood as long as possible! So sweet…

And that, my friends, is pretty much what’s going on in our world. Clay continues to work very hard, though it seems his travel has let up a little for the past couple weeks. As for me? I’m trying to figure out why I’m not plowing through all those tasks I thought I would be able to finish up when school started. So I guess that means everything is pretty much normal around here! Hope this finds all of you well… we’re sending out wishes for a beautiful autumn wherever you are.

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