Day One

Not all precincts have reported yet, but so far 75% have had a good first day of school. Polls will remain open until 6, when Chloe finishes cross-country practice and a cello lesson.

Claire popped awake this morning, enthusiastically went through the routine we’d discussed (including packing her lunch– with my help) and was ready to go by 7:30. Quinn was also ready, just because he’s a morning kind of guy, and he’s excited whenever Claire’s excited. Will and Chloe good-naturedly woke up an hour earlier than they needed to (upperclassmen had a 9:30 start today), just to walk Claire to her first day of kindergarten. So Claire had her own little entourage escorting her to school, and she even had the paparazzi snapping pictures– the local reporter took a shot of her and Clay, so maybe they will make the Marblehead Reporter!

Quinn was the next to go. Clay and I walked him up to the old familiar JCC, where he saw old friends as soon as we walked into his classroom. He’s excited that he has moved up to the second floor classrooms this year. No doubt we will sometimes take the “elvylator” to get to his class!

Finally, Clay drove Will and Chloe to school while I walked Gus (who is still very excited to be home, after his weekend at the kennel). Going to the high school is old hat by now, so I expect they will have had no major first-day issues. In fact, Will stopped home to change for soccer practice and he reports that he successfully changed his electives around today to take photography for his art credit. I’m also excited for him– I think he has some talent to explore in that arena.

Clay and I had coffee, went to Staples and the grocery store, and then it was time for Quinn’s pickup (I think it is useful for him to see how fast those couple of hours go!). He’s on a business call in the basement now, and I just got back from picking up Claire. It seems she had a great day– despite the fact that I forgot to pack a spoon for her yogurt, I’m supposed to send her snack in a separate bag from her lunch, and the shoes she hasn’t worn since early summer (because she lives in flip flops) gave her blisters. I think her teacher’s first impression of Claire’s MOM might not be the best… but, whatever. Claire is happy, and she is wearing an air of confidence that can only come from exercising a new level of independence. She will have a great year!

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