Another First Day

Do you remember your first day of school?  OK, maybe not kindergarten, but do you remember the excitement even when you were older?  Even if you really didn’t want summer to end?  Even if your back-to-school haircut turned out to be a disaster and you had a big, glowing zit on your chin?  It was still exciting, wasn’t it?

We had four “first days” going on today, and it was as if I’d had a quadruple  dose of Red Bull before bed last night.  I was SO tired, but there was just no sleep to be had.  It reminded me of those days when the excitement of the new pencils and notebooks, the new clothes, the fresh classrooms and teachers and promise of a new start were all just too much for a young girl to absorb with anything like a tranquil demeanor.

Though I didn’t get much sleep, I think the rest of the family did.  We can call all four first days a big success (see link for photos and story).  But all the excitement has me fiddling with a seed of an idea.  I want to come up with a first day of my own– maybe a new exercise commitment, or maybe just a fresh start with a newly designed daily routine.  I’ll let you know when my “first day” is (and what it’s the first day of!) as soon as I decide.  I’m excited already!  Anyone want to join me for a fresh start of some sort?  I’ll bring the newly sharpened pencils!

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