How ‘bout a “Cuppa Calm?”

Don’t you sometimes crave a fresh start?  Remember that pre-fall feeling as kids?  New notebooks and pencils just waiting to be filled… all the possibilities associated with a clean slate.

The strongest of these cravings– for me– seem to be associated with my house.  Will just finished painting the space behind the kitchen bookshelves we had installed three years ago.  I’ve removed the painting tape and newspaper, and it just looks so… clean!  I don’t even want to put the old artifacts back up on the shelf.  I’m craving clear, clean spaces.  Time for a move, maybe?  Into, perhaps, some of those rooms from the pages of Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn?  The older I get (and the more “things” I accumulate!), the more I understand the premise that, after a while, our belongings begin to own us rather than us owning them.

But we’re not moving anytime soon, so my home projects continue.  I had hoped to begin fall with the slate wiped clean of old, ongoing home improvement projects, but as the clock winds down on our summer I realize it’s more important for me to try to help the kids have a few more fun days.  The projects will still be there once school starts, but the kids won’t.

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