Quarterly Report

Where shall I begin after such a long blogging hiatus? It’s not that I can’t possibly catch you up. Life just flows along, and though much has happened in the last few months, not much has changed. School has ended for all the kids. Chloe is at Festival Youth Orchestra in Boston again this summer. Will is happily practicing his driving skills now that he is sixteen and has his learner’s permit. Claire is chomping at the bit to start “chin-dergarten” (we don’t know why she pronounces it that way). And Quinn just continues to amuse and delight us in his very own little ways.

I get the feeling you could look back at any other blog I’ve written after a lengthy pause, and read virtually the same first paragraph (omitting the specifics about kindergarten and driving). Why don’t I just summarize with picture highlights from the last few months? For example, at right, swimming lessons! And below, driving lessons (the manual transmission was a bit of a challenge).

The beautiful group shot below was taken during a reunion with my childhood friend, Natalie. What an amazing pleasure, to see an old friend after many years apart. I would like to have that particular pleasure (with this particular friend!) more often! Her daughters are lovely, and my littles are pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!

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