Now on Sale: “Plan for Chaos?”

Are you kidding me?  I just got an e-mail from Amazon that said John Wyndham’s circa 1950s, never-before-published,  novel “Plan for Chaos” will soon be available for the first time on Amazon… for $85.00 a copy!

First of all, who needs a “Plan” for Chaos?  I mean, isn’t chaos just what happens when things are left to develop as they will?  Or is that entropy?  Anyway, if you DID need a plan, or if you wanted to read a novel about it, would you pay $85?  PLUS, if the novel isn’t good enough to have been published in 1951 with his other sci-fi novel(s), then why bother now?

I’m just feeling a little sensitive about the word “chaos” lately.  I have, in fact, thought some in recent months about changing the name and look of my 2 blog sites.  At one time chaos seemed like a fun (and relevant) theme for/description of our lives, but it hasn’t seemed so fun since, hmmm, about Feb (when we got Gus?).  It’s been hitting a little too close to home since then… feeling more like “trying not to drown” or “twice gone under” or “how long will this ship stay afloat?”  But none of those are great blog titles, are they?  And I don’t blame Gus for this, either.  It’s just that I hit a point where chaos no longer seemed like a light-hearted jest.

Actually, I kind of like “Twice Gone Under” as a blog title, but I guess it’s kinda dark.   So what about other scientific concepts, like Inertia (the tendency of objects in motion to remain in motion and objects at rest to remain at rest).  But “Inertia” as a title/theme?  Or especially if I tried to use it as a cute adjective… “The Inert Alert” or “The Inert Mom” (how’s that for raising images of me eating bon-bons on the couch– just the image I want to cultivate!)

Or how about that second law of thermodynamics, Entropy– in nature, isolated systems move from order to disorder.  I do like that one… “The Second Law” might be a good title– and then there’s only the subtle reference to a downward spiral toward chaos.  But that feels like it’s working a little too hard for some academic credibility, and we all know that pretense is not allowed here.  So I guess I’ll stick with the chaos concept– until I’m ready to report that our lives are now “Happy Order” (ugh, sounds like McDonalds) and “Cuppa Competence.”  Don’t hold your breath!

Now, about those Boden lists… THANK YOU, friends!  I so enjoyed them– hope you did, too!  If you haven’t looked in a while, a few new ones were added (including Chloe’s).  Something new occurs to me each time I look back at them… like if Natalie would never eat gator tail, does that mean she would eat the rest of it???  Anyway, lots of fun, and thanks again for putting in.  I am, by the way, at Starbucks waiting for Will to finish a guitar lesson.  Having a tall Pike’s Peak (with caffeine… hope I don’t pay too dearly later).  Have a wonderful day, wherever you are, fabulous friends!

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