The Boden List

In Starbucks enjoying an iced venti Americano.  Lots of errands to run this morning, and feeling guilty that I’m not taking Gus for a long walk on this beautiful morning.  But I haven’t done this in ages, so I decided to schedule some time in the actual cafe AND the virtual cafe.

I was going to write this morning about this catalog I receive every season from Boden USA, but I forgot to bring it along as a cheat sheet.  You see, I always page through it, dog-ear a few pages, and then never actually order anything.  But I really enjoy that in each picture caption they add some random fact about the model.  So it might say, next to a tall, beautiful woman in a feminine dress, “Caroline.  Would never eat:  broccoli”  or “Lucy.  Best unknown skill:  handstands.”

Even though I don’t have a list of categories handy, I’m going to try to dash off a few and publish this in hopes that you will all join in– either in categories I’ve already named, or in others you think of.  Guess it’s kind of like one of those Facebook things, but without the Facebook onlookers!  So here goes, randomly, and off the cuff…


  • favorite smell: fresh-cut grass
  • favorite tree: cottonwood
  • feeling of satisfaction?:  when house is clean
  • secret skill:  juggling?
  • best time of day: snuggling w/Quinn while putting him down for nap
  • secretly covet:  shoes (but it’s NOT a fetish!)
  • dream of:  living in a tropical place and learning to surf/be laid back
  • least favorite feature:  teeth
  • would never eat:  snakemeat or bugs– no survival reality shows for me!
  • other favorite smell:  coffee brewing
  • can’t understand:  how anyone could ever have “nothing to do”
  • mountains or ocean?:  mountains, except for that surfing thing
  • activity I miss:  downhill skiing
  • money or time?:  a little of each.  That’s cheating?  OK.  Time.
  • couldn’t live without:  my family
  • almost couldn’t live without:  music
  • least favorite chore:  grocery store
  • wonder why:  children ever have to suffer for any reason
  • if I could fix one thing in the world:  see above
  • thankful for:  too many things to name.  My upbringing.  My family– all generations and crazy branches.

OK.  Your turn.  C’mon, it will be fun!  Just think of anything you’re struck by… we want to hear it!  Now I must be going.  Shoe shopping to do next, and then the grocery store.  Any wonder those things made my list above?  Have a great day!

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