Which dwarf are you?

Don’t fall off your chair!  Yes, it’s me again, already.  Just thinking of my friends here as I ran around town doing some little errands, and really wanted to pop in and say hi.  I picked up a venti iced Americano, because I was just too lazy to make coffee earlier this morning.  I even tried reheating old coffee and it was heinous.  I’m hoping this cuppa can get me back on the rails for the day.

As I drove around, trying to let go of stress, frustration, and (of course) guilt over being a frustrated and stressed mom, I was thinking about different dispositions.  Actually I watched an elvish-looking woman on a run while I waited at a light.  She stopped to smell the blossoms on a cherry tree!  Then she started off again with a little hop– I though maybe she was just hopping over a puddle, until she did it again a few steps later.  I swear it was just a happy little hop!  In that moment, I was so envious of her disposition.

Some of you on Facebook have seen the many “quizzes” making the rounds right now.  You answer five or six questions and it tells you where you should live, or what your smurf name would be… or which of Snow White’s dwarves you are.  An old friend came up with “Happy” as his result, and I had to agree that, yeah, he probably is.  But I don’t even want to guess which I would be.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to be happy.  So why do some of us tend to be sunny and some of us seem more like brooding storm clouds or, perhaps, a hurricane?  I’d like to know.  I mean, it’s not that we can’t all be happy– even joyful– at times, but I’m intrigued by the people who have that as a default setting.  Can anyone shed some light?  I feel like I got to the end of the buffet line and missed the best dish!

If this reads like I’m sorry for myself, I didn’t mean for it to.  Just thinking.  But now Gus is scratching at the doors and driving me crazy, so I guess I’m done thinking and ready for walking.  That’s okay, walking to the ocean with my iPod always makes me feel kinda… happy!

What kind of dwarf– or weather (or Smurf, for that matter!)– are you???  Let’s hear from you.  Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, or Doc?  (and I didn’t even have to google their names!)

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