No more teasing? Is Spring here?

I think of this coffeehouse conversation at least a couple times a day.  A thought will pass through my mind and I’ll think about sharing it, and whether it would start a “comment conversation” like we used to have here.  I’ve GOT to start jotting them down, because whenever I get a moment to write, all those things I wanted to talk about or ask you are gone like yesterday’s clouds.  But here I am anyway, snatching moments between Mom requests, drinking my usual guatamala antigua with– oooh– cream this time (just because we’re out of milk!).

It’s been a lonely, hard couple of months for me– as you already know.  But now that Spring is a little more forthcoming, and a little less teasing, I’m feeling like the world is softer and kinder.  For one thing, the Gus walks are far more pleasurable when I’m not bundled to my eyebrows and still freezing.  I’ve had a chance to observe Spring’s arrival more closely than ever before– to rejoice in the outbreak of little purple violets among the trees by the path, and to see the baby green buds creeping along the wild shrubs.  Those shrubs are Bittersweet, I think– an invasive plant species that grows over everything (isn’t that an interesting parallel to life?).

My mom sent us a basket of planted bulbs for Easter– they’re pictured above.  From dried up onion to foot-high flower in something like 8 days!  That’s some serious awakening.

Back to Guster. I wanted to tell you all that he graduated from basic obedience class last week!  He did a great job– right up until the part where he ate his diploma. We just got a new one in the mail yesterday– in case he needs it to apply to grad school, I guess.

Signing off now to spend Spring Break time with all the kids.  Are rare alignment of the planets has us all leaving the house at the same time for errands and an early lunch at Panera.  Or maybe it’s just the food incentive.  Either way, I’ll take it!  Talk with you all soon!

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