No hip hop in flip flops

The littles and I made an ATM stop the other day.  This being New England, everything is maximally inconvenient and drive-thru ATMs are rare, so we parked the car to all unload and go inside.  But then we spotted… the Easter Bunny meeting and greeting in the bank lobby!  The kids were so excited.  “Mom,” Claire asked, “Is it the real Easter Bunny, or a helper?”


“I don’t know, Claire.  Could be the real one, but I think it’s probably a helper,” I answered.  We went inside, got our money, and collected lollipops and high-fives…er… high-paws?  The kids were psyched.


Outside again, getting into the car, Claire quietly told me– so that Quinn wouldn’t hear– “Mommy, he was just a helper.”


“How do you know?”


“Because I saw his flip flops under his furry feet, and those aren’t very good for hopping around.”

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