My Dogalyst

I have struggled and struggled to produce a blog in the last week or two.  All I could get was dull and repetitive… Gus, Gus, Gus… tired, tired, tired… Even I am bored by it, so why would I subject you to it?  Gus is just my “dogalyst”– (like a catalyst, somebody or something that makes a change happen or brings about an event).  The only mystery is what the dogalyst is going to make happen…  Complete organization at last?  Or my commitment to an insane asylum?


So, what else to talk about?  My focus has become sooo narrow.  Other things are happening around me, and I am participating in them.  pastedGraphic.pdfSo why can’t I think of them when I sit down at the computer?  OK, here’s one– Claire’s ballet class.  They have a recital coming up, and the costumes came in last week.  She’s obviously very pleased with hers!  Wouldn’t it be lovely if grown up women could gaze in the mirror at themselves with such unselfconscious delight?  Wouldn’t it be fun to be so delighted with your appearance?  To look and see a lovely skirt or some frilly tulle without saying, “ugh, look at that cellulite under there!”  To see yourself the same way regardless of whether you’re having a bad hair day or if you have ketchup on your nose?  THAT my friends is the innocence of a little girl!  I love it so… love her so.


There now, I found something positive and different to write about.  That wasn’t so hard after all.  Only took 17 days or so!  And now I have an assignment for you– a little payback for all my effort:  Look in the mirror today and be delighted with what you see!

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