Even out

This blog comes to you straight from Starbucks!  Will is across the street, taking his first guitar lesson at Marblehead School of Music. Chloe is babysitting the littles.  And I’m ignoring the fact that there are a few miscellaneous groceries I could be running for instead of sitting here during this 30-minute block.


It’s an interesting time to sit here… 7pm.  It’s kind of like a junction of worlds.  Across the room is a pair who look like they’re more at home in a bar– not saying that to be mean, it’s just the tatoos and hair and makeup.  At the table next to them is a mom and little kid.  Closer to me are two women doing a knitting lesson.  A few tables over are some middle school kids who may have been hanging out here since school let out four hours ago (MHD Starbucks is a major afterschool hangout).  Behind me, a college-age girl on a computer.  Then there’s me– what’s my profile?  On the sound system… big band music– my favorite for writing!


So it’s a fairly lively cafe scene here, which is nice.  But I was just skating through the pictures I have on this computer, looking for something I could put at the top of this page, when the piazza fountain picture caught my eye.  That was taken on a morning walk– the area, Trastavere, is a night spot full of shops and restaurants.  In the morning everything was shuttered and quiet, and the only people walking around besides us appeared to be residents going about their business.  I loved that view of the neighborhood, and though I didn’t think about him while taking the photo of the fountain, I love the local guy reading his paper on the steps.  It’s like if I were sitting on the bench across the street drinking my coffee one morning and some tourist caught me in their photo (except that the picture of Rome with an old Italian guy is about 5 million times cooler!). And then there’s this one of Will and Chloe laughing over cappucinos (real Italian ones!) in the Pantheon piazza.


Help!  I think I’m beginning to live for travel!  A bientot…

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