Hearts melting… February thaw

Our melting hearts have nothing to do with the 40-degree days we’ve been having around here.  Nor are they related to to dingy, melting snowpiles outside.  They’re all about a certain sweet hound who has recently come into our lives.  After many months of trying to adopt a dog, we finally came home with just the right guy yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

He’s a Bluetick Coonhound mix (some lab in there, judging by his face).  In our rounds at the shelter, he had such a sweet, calm demeanor that we talked the counselor into letting us meet him– even though they are really hesitant about placing rescue dogs with families w/little kids.  We’ve been there several times, and I’ve met a lot of dogs there– this one was a real connection.  And they must have seen it, too, because they let us take him home!  For a while we called him Carleton (after a salt-n-pepper haired character in the TV show Psych– I know, so very “literary!”).  But that didn’t stick, and now Guster, or Gus, seems to be his name.  As we left the shelter on a busy Sunday afternoon, Will was holding the leash and Quinn was announcing to the people in the lobby, “That’s our doggy!”  And me?  Well, I was crying of course… I don’t think I realized how very much I wanted a dog!

So we’re getting adjusted to one another.  Gus was rescued from animal control in South Carolina.  A lot of Southern dogs get transported to New England because, apparently, there are a lot more adoptive homes available, perhaps because the spay/neuter laws have controlled the local population.  So he’s been on quite a journey for the last– who knows how long, but at least a few months.  He’s about a year old, and really, really loving.  Also pretty calm for his age.  We  have lots to do in the coming days– crate training, refresher house-training, vet visits, obedience training for the two of us… etc.

Yes, I feel a little overwhelmed… but we’ve been waiting a long time to add a doggy to our lives.  Seeing the smiles from Will and Chloe– who’ve waited at least 7 years for this– well, it’s totally worth it.  The fact that it was Will who took him outside at 1:30 this morning?  Well, that helps, too!  Still, I needed a whole bialetti pot of Casi Cielo to get myself through the morning after our first night with Gus.  Maybe it’s time to go make another pot?

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