Ice Dam… or is it the other way round?

Don’t you just hate it when you know it’s your fault about that big thing that went wrong with the house or the car or some other large investment that will now require additional (pick one) money/time/attention?  No, I’m not actually talking about the economy– I’ve got a really hyperactive guilt complex, but I’m not taking responsibility for that one!  I’m talking about the ice dams in our front gutters, currently causing little splashing waterfalls to spontaneously form inside the bay window in the dining room.

See, I know they could have been avoided if we’d gone out and cleared Sunday’s snow off the roof– even some of it.  But now the gutters are frozen solid, and no amount of time standing on a ladder in a snowbank, pointing my hairdryer at the eavespouts, is going to make it possible for me to float the ice chunks out (though my neighbors would be highly entertained to see me try again…).  Nor will my roasting fork wielded in anger do anything to break up the solid blocks– though I think it might be a new idea for keeping birds out of the front porch roof (like an animated and almost sentient scarecrow).  Will suggested an axe, but I’m almost sure that would end badly.  So it’s beach towels and mixing bowls until it all finally melts– unless the roofer can figure something out during his visit tomorrow.

Still.  I’m happy to report that the furnace is limping along (referring to my comment after last blog).  Maybe I’m imagining that one– or maybe it only happens when I’m the only one awake here late at night.  Like that ‘knock in the engine’ that never happens when you take the car to a mechanic.

It’s been a strange week:  the optimism of the Inauguration (I feel another blog coming on…), the stress of high school mid-terms, the peace of that beautiful snow (followed by that maddening leak).  I’m all over the map emotionally.  That’s why I’m having a large, homemade, Americano-style guatemala antigua.  And later, I might allow myself a grande Casi Cielo misto– my new fave at Starbucks.  What’s your coffee this morning?  What’s your mood?  Is the world changing?

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