Back in Business

Hey, good news!  The comment function is fixed (kinda).  We just need to access the site using the new url I’ll send out announcing this blog.  The old links will still get you here, but you won’t be able to comment unless you use the new one (contains “” instead of “”).  I’m not the one being finicky– it’s the good people at Apple– but at this point I’m not in the mood to quibble.  I’m just delighted to have an answer.


Meanwhile, what can I actually tell you tonight?  I’m not drinking coffee… it’s after 11.  I’m sitting on the couch watching the snow outside the big front window.  Our little tree has had a delicious powdered sugar coating all day, and I keep wondering how much more can pile on before it starts to slide off the branches.  It’s really, really beautiful.  And that’s a big statement from me, after a cold, sloppy week and the way I’m feeling about New England in the winter.  I’m going to take a picture before bed.  I’m too lazy to upload it tonight, but I’ll share it when I can.


Today’s beauty was a gift and reminder.  I actually SAW a crow shake a little avalanche of snow off a tree earlier today, and it reminded me of Robert Frost’s:


The way a crow shook down on me

a dust of snow from the hemlock tree

has given  my heart a change of mood

and saved some part of a day I had rued.


Take away the cars and the power lines, and I could almost envision the white-haired poet brushing off his shoulder and smiling up at the bird.  So NE is maybe not as bleak and barren a place as I’ve been thinking… at least not culturally.  Oh, okay.  Maybe not at all.

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