The Pause at Year’s End

A quiet moment. Clay sits across from me, headphones on, laptop open, trying to catch up on work in the midst of our household buzz. It’s a weekday and he’s home– must be the holidays! Despite the holiday, Chloe is at track practice. Will is sleeping off a long gaming session from last night’s sleepover in our basement. That those boys can sleep down there while the littles stomp and run around directly over their heads is a testament to their “teen-ness.”

Christmas was lovely. Isn’t it always? Christmas trees and Christmas music. Fire in the fireplace and lots of yummy treats. Even snow, this year; although Christmas Day was almost balmy here and last week’s big snow is all but gone. We tried to scale back on presents this year, but even so it felt like an overwhelming abundance. We are so blessed. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too. Now we’re in the pause before New Year’s Eve. I like that idea– a pause at year’s end to reflect on what’s behind and what’s ahead. But it never really works out to be a time for reflection around here– more like reaction, interception, or prevention!

There will be time in January to write more. Time to tell you about the holidays, about Rome, about what’s going on in daily life. But now there’s just a pause… just a moment to catch our collective breath and send warm thoughts and good wishes to all of you. May the old year leave good memories, and may the new year bring bright hopes.

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