Technical difficulties at the polls

As some of you have noted, the Cuppa Chaos election hit a few glitches– namely that it did not allow anyone to vote!  It’s just so hard to get the democratic process established.


This is just a quick note to test the system and see if it is on permanent strike or if it really was just an election fraud.  I’m terribly sorry that you all missed the dazzling wit and life-changing insight of my last post!  Luckily, I’m never out of things to say… except when trying to write my 1667 words/day for the national novel writing month challenge currently going on.  But that’s another story.


I know some of you have already voted, and I’m sure the rest of us will get out and do so today.  I’ll be doing it with a prayer in my heart, on my mind, and probably on my lips (hope I don’t get arrested!).  Not for a specific candidate or candidates, though I do have a preference… but for our country and our people.  For us to stay/become again a great place of freedom and goodness; and for us to learn to bridge the horrible divisiveness that is tearing us to pieces.  Either way this election goes, nearly half the country will be unhappy.  I hereby promise NOT to:

  1. threaten to move to Canada if my candidate loses,
  2. plaster my car with anti-President stickers, or
  3. show contempt and disrespect for the person who WILL be MY president, whether I like it or not.


Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone promised that?  If we embraced our new president and united as a people again?  Whatever happened to “the loyal opposition?”  We all need to be praying for our national and world leaders… and asking God to bless our nation (instead of pushing Him away!)


Anyway, to finish on a lighter note, Claire and Quinn and I went with Clay to drop off his absentee ballot yesterday.  Claire said this vote was not as much fun as her vote as school that day– for what kind of scarecrow they would make.  She voted to make a Princess Scarecrow.  Now that’s a candidate a person can really get excited about!

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