The Nominees: Most Under-rated Luxury…
Vote Early and Often!!

I was alone this morning, which generally means random thoughts ricocheting around the empty caverns inside my head.  That’s when the strangest blogs are born.  Anyway, after working up a sweat in my strenuous 7-and-a-half-minute workout, I skipped down the 198 steps from the JCC to my front door (yes, I counted!).  It was a brisk morning in New England, especially chilly with a little glow of perspiration under my fleece.  In a hurry to get on with my day once I’d reached home, I turned on the shower and stepped inside.  Ahhh!  Revelation:  showers are an amazing luxury we take for granted every day!  Think how, for example, Cinderella would have enjoyed a shower rather than the dribble of cold water those birds pour on her in the morning (while she sings happily!).


How many things like that go unnoticed most days of our lives?  Not just modern conveniences like computers and the internet, or even refrigeration or central heat.  Just basic things that have the power to make us feel comforted and coddled if we will just “snap out of” our daily concerns and routine long enough to relish them.  PLUS, these are the kinds of luxuries that don’t require busting out the credit cards or busting the bank accounts.  So here are my nominees.  In the spirit of the electoral process, cast your vote or write in your favorite unheralded everyday bliss:


  •   A warm shower
  •   An ice-cold, carbonated drink
  •   A down comforter
  •   Sunshine on your face
  •   A morning dove cooing
  •   Your favorite newspaper on your doorstep
  •   AND, of course, the perfect cuppa java just after you roll out of bed.


I know, I know.  I’m so simplistic and Pollyanna-esque sometimes.  But that’s better than my shadowy, depressing side, right?  Especially on Halloween?  Let me say “Happy Halloween,”  lest I be considered a Halloween Scrooge (and get visits from, what, charming real people?  Ghosts would be too predictable).  When the trick-or-treaters come to your door, just hand over the candy– you don’t want to have to smell their feet, right?  I look forward to hearing about your simple luxuries…

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