Chasing my own tail

I sometimes think that some of our cocker spaniel’s personality rubbed off on me when I was a young adult.  Here’s Molly (the dog): “Sniff, sniff.  Wiggle, wiggle.  Pee.” and then on to the next thing.


Now that’s not EXACTLY what I do… but there are similarities.  Especially online.  I get an idea and google something to find out about it.  Then before I know it, I’m following every little detour, learning not only about (for example) what old-fashioned coffee roasters looked like, but reading patent applications for turn-of-the-century roasters, “cupping” notes on various unroasted bean varieties, and comparing “roasting schools.”  Sniff, sniff, wiggle, wiggle… well, that’s all really.  Then on to the next thing.


When I stumble onto some little research project like that, I’m so content while I work up the learning curve.  Maybe it’s coffee roasting, or New England ski areas, or color separation for high-quality printing.  I won’t stay focused on it for very long (like Molly), but if I had a cute, little stubby tail like Molly’s, it would be wagging as I explore.


The flip side of that canine personality thing would be to act like a hunting dog, so intent on the prey it can ignore everything else around it.  If I were like that, I could sit here at the computer and actually finish a thought sometime– instead of jumping up to investigate whatever distraction my children offer or demand.  Not that I think of my kids merely as distractions.  Raising them is my raison d’etre, my greatest passion, my job, AND my hobby.  But still, I’m always sneaking off to try to do things like write, clean house, take a shower… (pretty much in that order of interest!)  I guess either way you look at it, I’m not much as a hunting dog.


Wait a minute… cocker spaniels were originally hunting dogs, weren’t they?  So where does that leave me… and our little dog Molly?  I guess some of us just have a natural tendency to chase our own tails.

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