My Cuppa Runneth Over

What a long spell it’s been.  I’ve missed you, so now I’m sitting down with a cup of anniversary blend Starbucks, prepared in the little espresso bialetti, and served with hot, frothed milk.  Hope I can get out a few coherent words in the next 12 minutes, which is how long I have until I need to turn off the TV and interact with the kids.


Let’s see.  Things have been more chaotic than usual, or maybe it’s just that I’m not able to handle it well at present.  The truth is, my cuppa chaos runneth over of late.  I think I’ll skip the details and just leave it at that.  I need to bring some order to our chaos today.


I’m praying, praying, that Congress will get something done today about the bailout plan.  I know people all over the country are outraged about Wall St excesses– and so am I– but we can’t just sit around being mad!  I believe we need to listen to our smartest people about how to address the crisis.  GET IT DONE!  That is what we really elected you to do.  I have more to say on this, but I’ll hold my tongue.  Let’s just say I’m a republican, but I’m so sick of politics I could just puke on my keyboard (sorry, try to ignore that mental image…)


Weekend is nearly here.  Do you all have plans?  A lot of my local friends are going out of town.  Next Tues and Wed are school holidays for Rosh Hashanah (that’s Jewish New Year), so they’re taking long weekends to New Orleans, Oregon, California (that’s 3 families, not one going to all those places!).  After last weekend’s “Storyland” trip for Q’s birthday (it’s a pint-sized theme park in NH), we’re not planning much.  Big kids have events that will probably get rained out.  Actually, Chloe will probably run, but it will be in the parade the town is having for Shalane Flanagan, our own Olympic medalist (5K runner, bronze).  I admit, the rain will be kind of nice– I’m picturing a scented candle, a book, some music playing, and the small children entertaining themselves in the basement.  Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment there, but optimism counts for something…


My twelve minutes, and then some, is gone– so I’ll sign off.  I hope I can wrestle my chaos back into the cup so I can visit our little cafe more often.  Love to everyone…

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