It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad (gasp) World

What does it look like when our world goes mad?  Wall Street firms collapsing like dominoes?  Gas prices spinning out of control ($8 in FL)?  Mammoth hurricanes threatening catastrophic destruction?  Repeated images of America under attack (played back on a somber anniversary)?


We’ve seen all this in just the last week…


It’s like we are living in a summer blockbuster movie in which the crisis is still unfolding.  Nothing is rock-solid:  our most venerable institutions can fall, our most trusted people can fail, and in the midst of it all we’re in violent disagreement about who should run the country (or who’s a bigger liar?– I can’t figure out which is the real debate).  What will be next?  How will we save the day?  Where’s Will Smith?


I could go on with this, but I don’t want to curdle your coffee.  I’ve obviously been reading the paper too much.  I’m going to go make an iced Americano (home-brewed) and lighten up.  How are you all coping with the reams of bad news lately?  As far as I’m concerned, the ostrich strategy is perfectly valid (you know, head in the sand?).  So is honest thankfulness — even while feeling deeply for those affected by recent events– that my loved ones and I are all well.


I’ll come back to the cafe with a brighter outlook…

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