This blog has been “brewing” for a week now– ever since the morning I went upstairs to wake up my teenagers and found myself nearly overwhelmed with gratitude that I wasn’t going to have to say goodbye to Will this year– that all my family would be here under one roof again.  That’s truly something to be grateful for.

Also over the last week or two, I’ve had the blessings of renewed friendships.  Last week my old friend Gigi came for a visit from Michigan.  Nearly everything has changed since eighteen years ago, when we used to hang out at her house (“the embassy”) and watch the people come and go with nary a care in the world (or so we thought).  But the essence of the friendship is the same– we laugh at the same things, get caught up in each other’s ideas, and have deep conversations as well as silly ones.  For me, the formerly nomadic Mickster, this enduring friendship is precious and something to be very grateful for.

As the Ginsu knife guy likes to say, “But, wait!  There’s more!”  Also in the last week we received a birth announcement from old friends with whom we’d nearly lost touch after they moved back to Canada, and we got a call out of the blue from some other friends who’d moved to Boston’s western suburbs a few years ago (Carlisle might as well be Canada for all the contact we’ve had since the move).  The Carlisle friends were in the area and we were able to get together with them– like us they have 4 kids now, which means that between us we’ve doubled the count since we last spent time together!  It was so fun to see the younger ones make fast friends.

So, for family and friends, I’m busy being grateful.  And, as always, I’m grateful for my iced venti Americano, too.  Soon I’ll have to switch back to hot coffee and find warm, glowing spaces to sip it.  But for now I’ll gladly enjoy the bright sun and the green grass and coffee through a big green straw!

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