Coffee, seriously

I sat down this morning, just after seeing Chloe off to orchestra, to drink my coffee and see what’s up in the world. Always curious and susceptible to following tangents, I clicked a yahoo link that said, “for the obsessive coffee lover.” So here’s a link for the adventurous among you– inside and outside the kitchen:

I love new ideas: reading about coffee shops and what (in someone’s opinion, at least) makes them special, or about trips a person could take, or new ways to do something.  I also love seeing in print things I’ve experienced:  like the Moka Express, a cheap little Bialetti stovetop espresso pot that makes their list of best coffeemakers (in a universe dominated by $500 machines).  I wonder… what if I put up a page that logs OUR collective intelligence about coffee, coffeehouse, etc?  You’d have to contribute via comments, but I could add your contributions (credited to you, of course) to our “joe page” and we could truly have a little community cafe.

Meanwhile, I still don’t know what’s up in the world.  But now, half a cuppa later (guatemala antigua, brewed in the Bialetti, with hot water and milk added), my brain is awake enough to absorb whatever I read when we’re done with our little chat here.  And I think, actually, we might be done.  I’ve been interrupted half a dozen times in the last 15 minutes, and I hear giggling coming from my dining room table– never a good sign.  So instead of dragging trying to say more and having to let this sit until naptime, I’ll sign off now.  Have a lovely day all you lovely people!

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