Livin’ it up at the Hotel Happy Chaos

Good morning.  Over my second cuppa guatemala antigua today, I’m letting the random thoughts flow.

Today, like most of the last two weeks, Chloe is gone and Will is home.  I’m having trouble keeping track of who is in the house at any given time.  Yesterday Will was gone all day (to an amusement park with a friend) and Chloe was my adult companion for part of the day.  That, of course, was the state of things for most of the school year– except when Will was on one of his breaks.  So I’m coming to think of Chloe and Will as repelling magnets: never in the same place at the same time.

Sometimes I feel like the doorman at a hotel with revolving doors.  And our living spaces are like the lobby (and snack bar), except that here, unlike a hotel lobby, everyone feels free to leave their belongings lying around.  What is all this stuff, and why hasn’t housekeeping whisked it off to Lost and Found yet?  Hmmmm…

[long pause].  Of course you figured out that, during that long pause, housekeeping went off to find a “Lost and Found” basket and then swept through the house filling it with abandoned items.  A partial listing:

  • one cello tuner in need of replacement batteries,
  • Will’s watch (doesn’t need batteries, as evidenced by how early I heard the alarm go off this morning– no wonder it’s not in his room!),
  • heart-shaped lip gloss ring,
  • smiling daisy pencil eraser,
  • three pairs of iPod earbuds,
  • Claire’s new toy iPod (in need of battery), and the battery compartment cover,
  • the baggy of coins Claire thinks she used to pay for her new toy,
  • a matchbox car,
  • an Incredibles figurine (the base only),
  • a cd cover without a cd,
  • recycling redemption tickets from May.

In fairness, I didn’t put the new toy in the Lost and Found.  I put batteries in it (which required a trip to the drugstore last night just before bedtime), and the little kids are now running through the house fighting over it.  This must be painful for the three large teenage boys sleeping in the basement… “thump-thump-thump-thump  SCREAM!”  Sorry, boys… don’t complain to hotel management.  We’ll just welcome you to Hotel Happy Chaos.

Now I have to admit to a 2-day lapse since I started this blog.  Whatever.  Rules were made to be broken, right?  I started this Monday morning, and now it’s Wednesday, but I’m going to publish it anyway.  In my summertime universe, Monday is almost interchangeable with Wednesday.  What’s that line from The Godfather?  “Mawnday, Wednesday, Tuesday…!”

And, hmmm, back to revolving doors.  Have I written this same blog before?  Cataloging the clutter on my counters feels really familiar… Whatever the day, and however many times I’ve relived it: hope your coffee is good, your counter (and/or desk) is clear, and the sun is shining down upon your well ordered world!

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