A pain in the neck, & other adventures

Home-brewed Americano with milk.  Can you believe I forgot to name my cuppa last few blogs???  I’m losing focus… doubtless the result of too little caffeine in my diet.

It’s summertime and the pull of the coffeehouse is not quite so great as it is when the air is chilly and the rich, steamy glow through the coffeehouse windows draws you inside to a velvet armchair.  Now, in July, the chill in the air is artificial, and it’s INside the coffeehouse.  I prefer to take my large, iced drink with me across the wavy, asphalt heat and on to some summery destination.

But it’s not just the pleasures of summer that have made me neglect you, my cuppa compadres.  In the last 10 days we’ve had major appliance breakdowns, mysterious ailments for the little kids, and a good deal of driving to and from Boston for orchestra pickups.  Details?  Well, you know you’re going to get them whether you want them or not.  Who else do we tell, if not our friends in the cafe?

Yes, after several laundromat hours and maybe $50 (in quarters), we have a new washing machine– and it’s done yeoman’s duty this week to catch up with all the stuff I didn’t take to the local laundry.  After waiting for the repair guy all week, he stopped in, held his stethoscope to the old machine, and pronounced it dead.  He did say he could revive it– for roughly the cost of a private jet (which is exactly what its spin cycle sounded like before it died).  We sent it off to the pasture to rest in peace after doing something like 2500 loads of laundry for us in the last 6 years (really, do the math).

Both littles bounced back quickly from the fever that took them down last week, sudden and intense from out of the blue.  We spent a fussy, icky day+ at home, and then they were good to go again.  But Q had a slightly scarier scenario this week.  He came and found me one morning and just started crying and crying.  I thought he was holding his ear, so I settled him on the couch, gave him some children’s Tylenol, and called the doctor.  Then I realized he was holding the back of his head and that, once he was settled on the pillow, he wouldn’t move his head at all and he cried whenever I tried to pick him up.  Bright girl that I am, I then remembered that he had taken a tumble down a few stairs earlier in the morning– a really insignificant fall it had seemed, but scary given his current behavior.  The doctor looked at his ears (fine), checked his neurological response (good), and sent us off to get a couple of neck x-rays.  They turned out negative, so we guess that he tweaked his neck on his little fall.  That was Tuesday, and by Thursday he was acting completely normal.  But I’m still watching him…

I feel like the announcer voiceover should cue in now, “Like sands in the hourglass…these are the Days of Our Lives.”  (Do any of you have the faintest idea what I’m talking about?  Remember the old soap opera?)

I’ve broken my own convention by getting wrapped up in family talk on coffee break.  Somebody, please, give me something else to think about!  And, by the way, those free hours I was trying to decide what to do with?  Gone with the wind.  Sick kids, appliance shopping, etc.  That’s okay… at least I got my tennis lesson in yesterday.  That’ll keep me going till next week, when, hopefully, our adventures will involve a little less drama.  Till next time, keep your adventures on the fun side…

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