These Small Hours

There’s a song called, “Little Wonders” from one of the kids’ movies.  I bought it on iTunes a while back and put it on a playlist of ‘kid-friendly’ songs.  This morning it came to mind when Quinn woke up and we were having a little snuggle time.

“Let it go.

Let it roll right off your shoulder.  

Don’t you know, the hardest part is over.

Let it in.  Let your clarity remind you,  

In the end, you will only just remember how it feels.  

All lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders.

Time falls away, but these small hours– these little wonders– still remain.”

I wonder, what will be the small hours that still remain as time falls away?  When I grow old and forgetful,  I hope I remember the little wonders– snuggling with the kids, listening to the ocean, driving through the mountains in a convertible.  We spend a relatively big chunk of our lives– or at least I do– in activities we wouldn’t necessarily want to remember:  drudging through chores, sitting frustrated in traffic, worrying over a problem or a bill or a friendship, stewing over an insult or an argument.  The golden moments are relatively rare nuggets.  I’m not saying we should hoard them Silas Marner style, but we absolutely should recognize them as something precious and tuck them away in a safe place (hopefully safer than Silas’ gold!).  And maybe we ought to also consider letting go of those other hours– the frustrating, tiresome ones– before they find a way into our memories.

That’s it.  Just a thought on a midsummer day.  Whatever your precious small hours, I hope you treasure and keep them always.

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