Souvenirs, and Spending Time Well

The writing is worn almost completely away on the coffee mug I’m drinking from this morning.  It’s a basic white ceramic mug that was once adorned in brown with “Cafe Du Monde” from the New Orleans landmark.  Sixteen years ago, Clay and I sat on the patio in the French Quarter, dropping powdered sugar all over our shirts from the delicious beignets, and probably pretending to enjoy the coffee more than we actually did at that time.  Today mine contains a homemade Americano, which I am enjoying immensely– for real.  Anyone else have a mug that old?  Or how about a “World’s Best Boss” mug (a la Michael Scott in The Office)?

I am truly in the midst of chaos as I write.  Will is babysitting, and there is some game afoot.  I don’t know the rules or the object, but I’m trying very hard not to intervene.  I’m supposed to be invisible, as if I weren’t here.  I got tired of having to leave the house every time summer babysitting hours were in effect.  But, I don’t know, maybe I’ll go buy a laptop so I can do this somewhere else– like Starbucks!

Speaking of the babysitting, I’m accepting suggestions.  I’ve got about 10 hours a week this summer, all to myself.  I’d like to pick up on writing my novel again, but I can’t do that here in the kitchen with screaming me-me’s all around.  What would YOU do with 10 hours all to yourself (in 2 hour increments over 5 days?).  I can go for coffee every day, but in the end, 10 hours in a coffee shop is too much even for me!  I could go to the beach, but then I feel guilty for not having the littles with me.  Tennis? Once a week for 2 hours.  A pedicure? maybe.  Groceries?  Boring!  A museum?  Not enough time in one stretch.  A bike ride?  Hmmm, that’s a good idea.

I think right now I’m going to pack up and go curtain shopping.  Seems random, but I find that projects like that bubble around in my brain until one of them rises to the top, pops, and suddenly becomes the most pressing, urgent thing on my mind.  The gritted-teeth mantra for today: “Must…get…curtains…on…these windows!”  So, before my babysitting window closes (har-har), I’m off to shop.  If my mission is successful, I may just celebrate with a tall iced Americano on the way home.

Have a great day, everyone– especially Paula, who is having a birthday!


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