Look, Ma! No hands!

Bliss.  I’m sipping a venti iced Americano as I type.  The best thing about iced drinks vs. hot is that you don’t need your hands to sip from a straw, so you can keep typing!  It occurs to me that this is just one teeny step away from a coffee IV– so maybe I need to reevaluate that assessment AND clearly go on the record: “I’m not in it for the caffeine so much as the overall coffee pleasure.”  Oh well, either you get that or you don’t.  I think most of you here get it.

Last blog I was complaining (again!) about my unfulfilled need for some alone time.  Today I took the littles to the beach and found what I was looking for.  They played in the sand, together and separately, and I walked around near them, then sat on the blanket a little ways away and watched them.  Oh my goodness was it ever restful!  They were happy; I was happy.  So maybe the issue is not so much needing to be alone, as to spend time in a spirit of contentment– that is, no little struggles or fights, no whining (not even my own!), no striving (to get somewhere or get something done).  A sense of restful harmony can be pretty elusive in our day-to-day world, so I guess we have to take it when we can– whether early morning out-of-doors, late night in front of the computer, or even alone in a ‘content crowd.’

Aside: did anyone else at first read that as CON-tent crowd rather than con-TENT crowd?  Thank you, digital age, for hijacking yet another perfectly useful English word.  I mean I know it always had that meaning, too, but now we read it as CON-tent first– which mirrors our increasingly insatiable appetite for more, more, more.  And that is the direct opposite of con-TENT– which we might observe is getting more and more scarce in our instant gratification world.

Anyway.  This is nice, but I sure wish I could be sitting with some or all of you, chatting in real time over a real table in a real coffee shop.  Or better, how about on a beautiful terrace overlooking some very blue ocean (that rules out the North Atlantic!), or a patio on some Italian piazza?  At what point would we switch from coffee to a chilled chardonnay? (sorry, Chloe, not you!).  Then again, in the spirit of conTENTment, let me just appreciate this means of being in touch with all of you.  Have a great afternoon.

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